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How to Make a Guy Want You -- 5 Tips to Make Him Want You

Updated on September 14, 2015
Do you want to know how to get your guy to fall for you?
Do you want to know how to get your guy to fall for you? | Source

You don’t have to be a supermodel for a guy to fall in love with you. Nor do you need a love spell. There are certain traits that all men look out for. These traits tell men that you can look after yourself, but will still want him to care for you from time to time. But what are those traits? Do you even have them yourself?

The good news is you don’t need to have the traits right now. It is possible to gain the traits that will make a guy want you. Here are the most important ones that you want to focus on right now.

The Confidence to Go Alone

Confidence is so important in life. It will help you get a job, make friends and get that guy to really want you. That doesn’t mean you have to like everything about you, and you definitely need to watch out for that line that steps into arrogance. The trick is to accepting that you are good at things, making the good things about you stand out and accept compliments when they are given. The last thing your man wants is for you to hide behind him and get him to do everything for you.

A lack of confidence can slip into becoming needy. You start to fear that he is playing away and you constantly need to be attached to him. He doesn’t want someone who is clingy and constantly phoning or texting. He wants to live his own life, and expects you to want to do the same. You need to have your own friends, and feel confident that he will not play away while he’s out with his friends.

This can be difficult if you’ve had problems with previous relationships. In fact, it is understandable if previous relationships have knocked your confidence. This is something worth talking to him about at the start of the relationship, but let him help you grow your confidence.

Honesty is just one of the important factors in any relationship.
Honesty is just one of the important factors in any relationship. | Source

Be Honest With Him

A guy is looking for someone who is truthful with him. He wants to know that you can go out with your girlfriends and remain faithful, just like you want to trust that. Just the slightly white lie that you think will never be found out can cause problems in a relationship. Lying will make him question whether he really does want you.

There’s no need to lie to a guy. Tell him who you are and what you want in life. When it comes to your past, you need to make the decision on how to open up to him about that. There can be difficult parts of your past that you don’t want to relive, and you shouldn’t have to. If it’s not going to be something that affects your relationship with this guy and will not come back to haunt you at any point in the future, keep it close to you. That’s not the same as lying, and he is doing the same things.

Don’t Give Up All Your Time

There was once a point of playing hard to get to make a guy want you more. While there is some truth in this, he does want to feel like he stands a chance with you. However, he doesn’t want you to jump at every date that he suggests. There are things going on in your life that does not involve him, and sometimes you need to put them first.

Don’t give up all your time to see and spend time with him. When he asks you to go out on a date, do actually check your calendar. If you have something going on that night, be honest about it and tell him. But do not just stop there. Take another look at your calendar and suggest another date or time to meet him instead.

There is an element of compromise here too. There are times that both of your schedules will clash, and it will be hard to find times that suit both of you. When this happens, you will both need to make a compromise. You may have to reschedule something else in your life, or get him to do the same. If you do it the first time, suggest that he does it the second time or vice versa.

If you don’t have plans, there are times that you want to pretend you do. If you constantly have the time to spend with him, he will start questioning whether you have other friends or a life outside of a potential relationship with him. It’s going to start turning him off, because he’ll worry that you become needy and dependent on him. Consider every now and then telling him that you can do the date that he suggests, but accept the second one (unless you really do already have plans!).

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Let Him Help You

This seems contrary to the first point of having confidence to do things on your own at first, until you look into the details. While you do need to do things alone, he also wants to help you at times. Even in a world where women want equality, many men don’t quite feel manly unless they have a woman to protect. There is still that “damsel in distress” feeling rooted deep down because that is what ancestors have lived by.

Letting him help you and making him feel like you need his protection is actually really easy. You could ask him to help put a shelf up in your home or ask him to accompany you to get something back from your ex-boyfriend.

Tips to Read a Boy's Body Language

Show that you do want t have fun because he doesn't want to get into a routine right now.
Show that you do want t have fun because he doesn't want to get into a routine right now. | Source

Be Spontaneous and Fun

All work and no play makes a girl very dull. He doesn’t want someone who he’s going to settle into a routine with right now. He wants someone who is fun and he can have a laugh with. The trick to show that you’re the right girl for him is to be spontaneous and fun. Suggest something out of the ordinary to do, or call him up at a random time to suggest that you meet up and do something different.

This can be difficult to do at first. How do you know you’re not fun already? What are your routines? What new things are fun in your area and within your budget? One great way to do this is have a jar with Popsicle sticks. Each stick has an activity written on it, and they range from free to expensive. When you want to do something different and exciting, you can pull a stick out and that gives you the activity that you must do. Mark at the top of the stick a dollar sign with a key to know which activities are going to be expensive. That way you can choose something that is within your budget at the time.

If a guy sees that you are open, honest and fun, he is going to want to spend some time with you. From there, you can show that you’re confident but still need him for the little things to make a guy want you. Some of the tips above will take time to develop but they are traits that you don’t have to have right this minute.


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      Prince Edike 4 years ago from Philippines

      Great hub

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      Amie Butchko 4 years ago from Warwick, NY

      Great tips. Love this interesting hub! Thumbs up.