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When a Woman Ignores Your Online Messages

Updated on May 5, 2018
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Mary Florence has been a freelance writer for over five years and she enjoys writing articles on general topics.

Tips to get her responding to your online messages

When people receive messages, they will or will not respond based on their own reasons. And some may be looking forward to receiving a message one day from someone hoping to start a relationship. It's normal. Wherever people intermingle, it doesn't matter whether it's a dating site or not, there will be messages going to and fro, seeking relationships - casual or not. And there's no way a woman would respond to every message she gets. She could try but sometimes it is impossible to give every message some attention . Eventually she will choose to have a conversation with the persons who interest her the most. It must hurt men to genuinely be interested in a woman but she just never responds to online texts. You could be online wishing and fantasizing about the lady responding to your texts one day so that you can finally ask her out but your dreams do not seem to have the potential to ever come true.

When a woman receives a text the first thing she does is to peruse the sender's profile. She wants to confirm if you are worth conversing with. Seems unfair but that's how it is. Here are some tips to be sure that she not only reads your texts but responds too.


Your profile photo

It does not matter if you put up a photo of you of you in a tuxedo or a shirtless photo. You must ensure that it matches up with the profile of the woman whose attention you intend to catch. It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words, your profile photo will speak for you even before you send a text.

Your Profile Details

Let it present everything and anything you hope would grasp the attention of your type of woman. For instance, if you state you would like to interact with women just for fun and nothing serious while she states on her profile that she's looking for a serious partner the chance that she will respond to your message is almost nil.Have an impressive profile. If you wouldn't mind approaching any woman keep your details general. Be truthful too.If you are married, state it and let the ladies decide if they would still date you Do not lie about your age some women are very specific about the age of the persons they would like to interact with. You would want a woman to like your profile but the one thing you must remember- you can never go wrong with the truth.

If you really want a date, keep it real. It's better to be rejected for what you are than to be accepted for what you aren't. If you cannot put up your real details you are better off just leaving it blank.

Your photos in general

Let your photos represent the type of women you hope to attract. If she's looking for a relationship she will not respond to photos of you with other women. If she's looking for an "adventurous" or "kinky" relationship she will respond to your message if she sees that photo of you with other women because she likes a challenge and she's probably hoping you could enjoy a three-some. If you are looking for a sugar baby then you better put up photos of you leaning on a nice car or living a big life. It all narrows down to the woman you want to attract. Then check out profile pictures and profile details and try your luck at getting a response.

Your user name

Your user name can mess up your chances at a woman responding to your text. Sometimes your user name can tell a woman everything she needs to know about you. For instance someone calling himself "Michael Johnson" is more likely to be interested in having a serious chat than someone named "SexyRichie". No woman looking for a marriage partner will waste time responding to Sexy Richie's texts. His user name is a hint that he's not looking for anything serious. On the other hand, Michael Johnson will receive replies from women even without a profile photo. His user name is sending some serious vibes to women looking for someone serious. While Sexy Richie is appealing to women looking for toyboys and men interested in discreet affairs and hence such women will reply to his messages.

Send serious messages

No one wants to respond to greetings all through. A conversation full of "hi" and "heys" is dull and at some point she will start ignoring you. Also, the type that's full of questions is boring. Go straight to the point. As soon as she responds to your text ask if you could meet up over coffee. Invite her somewhere. Offer to have her picked up at her place. Then ask her to give you her address. Whatever you want, let her know. Just like that you have taken a woman from vitual world to your world. Sometimes online dating is just like speed-dating.People's patience run out too fast. Must be because there are so many people to choose from that there's no time to keep trying to impress just one person. Well, once you have a chance do not waste her time either.


You must respond to her texts- promptly

Everyone likes a prompt response. Once she starts responding to your messages you must make sure that you respond to her messages as soon as they land in your inbox.You should impress her. At times you will find yourself initiating all the conversations. Do not be distracted by the fact that she never checks up on you, that's premature. The roots you are hoping to plant in her system are still not firm. She's still trying to find out if you are worth it, so be patient. Besides, it's just a text. It's not a competion. Keep your eyes on the prize. You should not take the fact that she's responding for granted. Some men want to play hard to get. After a woman shows interest in them they start their disappearing acts and will soon start stories about being too busy. You do not want to play such games with someone whom you like and want. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but out of sight is also out of mind. Remember she is online interacting with thousands of people daily. Tens of men are bombarding her inbox and she's ignoring some of them. One day she will get an inbox from someone more interesting than you are and she will forget about you and replace you. The next time you try conversing with her she would have lost interest in you and might start ignoring your messages. The easiest way to show a woman that you are consistent anf reliable is by not only checking on her but also responding to her texts instantly. The little things are really the big things.

Do not send nudes

All you are likely to get after sending a nude is an insult. Or you could get blocked. It does not matter if the woman is posing semi-nude in her profile photo, that is not an invite to sex. It does not matter if all you want with her is a sex-chat. You must be tactful in your advances. You need to know how to start. Start smart, be patient, she will request for that nude someday when she wants to see it. Give her the chance to enjoy your texts first and to decide if you are interesting enough to chat with or not.

If everything you are doing is in line with the tips above but she is still ignoring you then seems you have to keep on searching until you find your type.

© 2017 Mary Florence


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