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How to Make Friends in the Grocery Store Line

Updated on November 25, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

Standing in line is an activity we all learn at an early age. As children, we stand in line to go in and out of the classroom, whether to lunch, recess or to a specialist class. It is a way of respecting the concept of order and keeping things operating smoothly.

As adults, we automatically fall in line whenever we are in public. In fact, we may find ourselves standing in a long grocery store line two or three times a week. If the line is too long and slow moving, we may find ourselves becoming frustrated and start complaining. We may even pull a magazine from the counter and scan the stories or take out our smartphone and call and text someone.

However, this is a mistake. We should make the most of our time while standing in line. Standing in the grocery store line can open up an entire new world of opportunity. It can be a great time to avoid self-pre-occupation and make a difference in the life of someone else. Centering our attention on others instead of ourselves will awaken a spirit of joy within our lives. Our interaction with others will also build within you more confidence and social-ability.

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Existing for Each Other

As human beings, we were created for one another. We are not meant to exist as deserted Islands forgotten in an ocean. Because God is in every human being, encounters we have with other people are sacred encounters. When we are standing in the grocery store line, we are in a place and time that goes beyond buying grocery. Our purpose for being there is ordained by our creator. Therefore, we should be passionate about making the most of interacting with the people surrounding us.


My Grocery Store Adventures

Going to the grocery store is always a wonderful adventure for me; I am a natural born people connector. I like meeting new and interesting people in the grocery store. It makes my time shopping for groceries worthwhile,( especially if I have spent too much money on non-essentials.) I am aware of whose standing behind me and in front of me. I attempt to connect in at least one direction. It could be anybody, a mother with child, a couple, an older man or woman or a group of energetic teens. I am not afraid of rejection because rejection only reveals the fear of the person who rejects you. My motive is to show that kindness and goodwill toward strangers still exists. If I do this, my reward is joy and ever increasing freedom.

How to Interact with Strangers

Interacting with strangers in the grocery store line isn’t all that intimidating if you get rid of defensiveness and adapt an attitude of acceptance. Accept the people in your line as fellow human being on the journey of life. Don’t let race or culture become an issue. For the moment, your paths cross. Now it is time to make the most of your sacred encounter.

You can start by looking for a common interest that you share with the people who are around you. In your surroundings, there are a number of topics that can trigger a conversation. For example, if you see an interesting product in your shopping cart, you can start a conversation about that particular item. Ask questions even though you may already know about the product? The most important thing is that you want to inspire another human being.

Do You Talk to the People in Your Grocery Store Line?

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Other interesting conversations you can talk about include:

  • A discount or price cut
  • A magazine upon the counter
  • Community news and issues
  • CNN News
  • Politics
  • The weather, if significant

If you are shy, here is a little trick, you can do. When you look at the person in front of you or behind you, inwardly bless them. Visualize them smiling and receiving you until the feeling of acceptance build up in you. This should only take a few minutes. A sense of courage and passion will arise within you and encourage you to speak.

Growth in Community

Making a difference in the lives of others while standing in the grocery store line will accelerate your growth in community and character. You will fill absolutely wonderful when you realize that your purpose extends beyond just buying groceries for yourself. There are also natural benefits to be gained from this dynamic activity as well. Chances are you will make a good friend or if your have a business, networking can be a possibility. Either way, you can never lose when making a difference in lives of the strangers around you.


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