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How to Move on From an Ex

Updated on July 27, 2015

You are going through a bad breakup. The guy you thought you would be with forever is suddenly calling it quits. What do you do? Here is how to get over a breakup.

1) Cry it out. Let your feelings out. Keeping them bottled up will do you no good. Crying it out is the first step in the healing process.

2) Let yourself get angy. This is the second step in order to get over your ex. Hate him for what he has done for you. Get mad whenever you think of him. Let yourself feel the feelings that you are supposed to feel.

3) Watch breakup movies like John Tucker Must Die. In that movie three girls get played by the hottest guy in school so they set him up with the new girl. They play him by making her break up with him once he falls for her. That show will make you see that guys are players and you are not the only one who is going through this.

4) Go on youtube and watch music videos of break up songs combined with your favorite television shows. For instance the old drama One Tree Hill had break ups all the time so you might want to put a song such as "Already Gone," by Kelly Clarkson (One Tree Hill). You will see dramatic moments of the show and the music in the background to get your feelings out.

5) Listen to angry rock songs. You may not be into the rock scene but sometimes listening to songs by Simple Plan or the All American Rejects Help. It does not have to be over the top by some good songs are "Meet You There," by Simple Plan, "Move Along," by All American Rejects or if you are into Avril Lavigne you could listen to songs such as "Comlicated," or "My Happy Ending."

6) Listen to mustic that will raise you up. Once your done getting all of your angry feelings out listen to music that will put you in a good mood and show you that there is hope for the future. Songs like "Hero," by Mariah Carey is good.

7) Laugh with your friends. They say that laughter is the best medicine and it is. Do whatever you could to smile and laugh. Watch a romantic comedy to put yourself in a good mood.

8) Go out and meet new guys. When you go out and meet new guys you will forget about your ex. There are plenty of guys in the world. Just because this guy could not appreciate you does not mean that another guy won't.

9) Love yourself. You have heard it a million times before. "You can't expect anyone else to love you, if you do not love you." Love yourself and you will attract love. Self love is the most important love of all.

10) Look hot. Do not let one guy get the best of you. Join a gym, get new clothes, do a make over. Do something that makes you feel hot. Like the saying "What's one man's loss is another man's gain." He let you go and now someone else is ready to gain you. You have to be ready for someone new by looking and being your best.

11) Have a positive mindset. Don't go around thinking "I will never find love again." If you think that way then you won't. Love is out there for everyone. Tell yourself "It's his loss." Know your self worth and when the time is right you will meet someone new.

12) Go out and have fun. Go dancing and do what makes you happy. I you like to do karaoke then go do it. Do something that puts you in a good mood and that will get your mind off of him. Enjoy life and worry about right now.

Love is out there and there are plenty of fish in the sea. Not all guys are bad. Just because one guy hurt you does not mean that every guy will. Each relationship is a learning experience. When you first go through a break up it could be one of the worst feelings in the world, then as time goes on you get better and you are finally ready to smile again.


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