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How to Plan the Ideal Date

Updated on August 12, 2013
When colgate met mclean, it all seemed to just work out....
When colgate met mclean, it all seemed to just work out....

So you want to plan the perfect date? There are many ways to do this, and no single best way. The plan below is what I personally consider to be the best, but feel free to modify it to suit your situation and your partner.

For this idea, you will need around three/four hundred pounds or the equivalent in your local currency. Though there is not really an upper limit, this is the absolute minimum. If you only have a tenner, you might want to read my other article instead: cheap-ways-to-spoil-your-lover.

The idea is to whisk her away on a romantic date that will blow her away. It takes careful planning and you will need to be very aware of what your partner likes. If she doesn't like going abroad, amend the details below slightly, as this is an integral part of this idea.

Stage One: Plan your date carefully

This idea for the ideal date is not one you can arrange in five minutes, unless you have a serious truck load of cash. Considering most of us don't, plan carefully and well in advance. Make sure you begin the process at least two months in advance (though one is probably enough). Pick a two or three day period and book the time off work yourself first.

Now the tricky bit; you need to get her to make sure she is off too. There are two or three ways of doing this, depending on how much of a surprise you want it to be. If you know her boss, speak to them and see if you can arrange it directly.

Make sure she has a fair few holidays left and try to use as little of her holiday allowance as possible; the last thing you want to do is annoy her by using holidays she had ear-marked for something else.

If you can't do it this way, you can just tell her you want to spend some time together so ask her to book it off. You may even find she has already booked time off if it is her birthday or some special event. Tread carefully when checking this though; you don't want to give the game away.

John's computer was having difficulty understanding the concept of "dating"....
John's computer was having difficulty understanding the concept of "dating"....

Stage Two: Set the date up

So you've sorted out which days you are going for the best date of her life and you're both free. Now you need to choose a destination. This is where you need to think a little smart.

If she likes hot, there are cheap flights available to Malta, Spain, Portugal, Italy and various other mediterranean hotspots. If she prefers culture and night-life, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany are good bets.

Again though, check out the night life and city in advance.

When you book the flight, make sure you have given yourselves plenty of time to get to and from the airport both sides. A good four hours is best for most European destinations, then factor in the amount of time to travel to the airport.

For this example, the best way is to drive. This means you will need to ensure you have booked parking for the duration of your time away. A google search will reveal plenty of cheap options. Don't just automatically use the airport parking.

Step Three: Overnight stay to end the perfect evening

When looking at a hotel, unless you intend to spend the entirety of your time away there, cheap is your watchword. There are many cheap hotel booking sites. Many of them offer special deals and money off for certain places.

Shop around and find the best deal. If you are going to a major city, look for hotels around the outskirts as these are always cheaper, yet there are usually good links to the city straight from them.

That said, do not book a hostel or any hotel where you have to share living space. This is the best way to put a dampner on your entire evening.

Tim was somewhere out there, fiddling with a broken satnav....
Tim was somewhere out there, fiddling with a broken satnav....

Step Four: What to do for the perfect date night

So now you've done all that, you need to think about what it is you are actually going to do for your date(s). Again, this is going to be down to you and your partner. Try to pick something you know you will both enjoy together.

There are often markets and special events happening in most major cities. Find these in advance and allow plenty of time to enjoy them.

If she enjoys clubbing, have a look at the clubs nearest to your hotel and what sort of music they play.

Print off a map of the transport system and check if you can buy a weekend (or 2/3 day) pass in advance. Print off some maps of where you are going and mark important places on it.

Step Five: Prepare Your Partners Trip

This is a lot easier if you live together, but if you don't, all is not lost. There are two important things you need to get hold of in order to pull off the perfect time for you both: Her passport and her clothes etc.

The passport is easy. If you live together, you will know where it is and can take it, book the flight and check in (you need her passport number to do this) then put it back. Then you take it again on the day you are going.

The luggage is a little trickier. You need to be sure she has appropriate attire for your perfect evening(s) together. If you really know her well and you are sure, pack her a suitcase yourself, then hide it in the boot of your car. Make sure you cover it with a blanket or something so it isn't immediately obvious when you open the boot.

If you are not confident (and this is probably the best way too), ask one of her family to pack for her. Her mother or sister would be the most ideal. They are unlikely to pack the wrong things and if they do, hey, you're still in the clear. This is also a good way to score some brownie points with her family as an added bonus.

As jane looked up at him lovingly, peter leaned forward and whispered "Damn, I think I left the oven on"
As jane looked up at him lovingly, peter leaned forward and whispered "Damn, I think I left the oven on"

Step Six: and Relax

Ok, the day has arrived, you've booked a great restaurant/hotel/club/days out, you've got her packed without her knowing, hidden her passport down your trousers and you're ready to go.

All you need to do is go pick her up. Keep things mysterious as long as possible.

Tell her to be ready at a certain time but don't tell her where you're going or tell her you just want to take her out for a meal.

When you turn up, just start driving. If she asks, keep quiet and just smile. Eventually she will ask why you're outside an airport (or hotel in the country if you didn't choose the going abroad option).

At this point, you produce the tickets, maps of where you're going and hotel details. If you want to add an extra touch, put them all inside a birthday card and give them to her. She will likely give you the "good loving" for a long time to come.

Into the Sunset....

This, in my humble opinion, is about the best way to surprise someone with the perfect date. Feel free to tailor it to your partner though. I hope this has helped and above all, have a good time! Thanks for reading!


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