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How to Play Your Ex

Updated on September 14, 2015

The guy you cared about more than anything in the world broke your heart. Everything was going great or so you thought when all of a sudden he comes out and says "we're from different worlds." You wanted him to fight for you and beg him to stay now you are crushed.

You could cry about it or you could have a little fun with him and play games with him by breaking his heart the way he broke yours. Here are ways how to play your ex:

1) Look hot. Show him what he missed out on. Try a new look. Do the smokey eye like Kim Kardashian and gain confidence and have the right mindset that you have what it takes to get him back. People get back with their ex all the time.

2) Do not show him you are upset even though you are crying inside. No guy wants to get back with a girl just because she is crying over him. Guys like girls who are happy and outgoing. Show him that you moved on with your life and do not care that he is not with you. When he sees that you are out there enjoying life and not crying over him it will frustrate him and he will start to wonder just how important you really are to him.

3) Make him jealous. If you know a trainer or a bartender or any other hot guy and he is around flirt with that guy. Make him see that you are talking to other guys and moved on from him.

4) Remember the reasons why he fell in love with you and be that person again. If he fell in love with you because of your smile keep on smiling. If he fell in love with you because you have a nice personality make sure you are nice to everyone around you when he is around. He fell in love with you once and you remember why he fell in love with you so you can get him to fall back in love with you.

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5) Have pictures of yourself out on Facebook or Instigram out with friends at bars or clubs looking good. When he sees that you are out having fun enjoying the single life he will know that other guys are in the picture and start to get jealous. He will also see that you are not sitting home alone crying over him and will make him curious why it is so easy to get over him.

6) When you are around him be cool. Do not call him or text him for at least 30 days. If you happen to be around him do not act overly friendly or that you still have feelings for him. Do not show him any attention at all. Keep your conversation little as possible. Remember he wants that attention and when you do not give it to him it will drive him crazy.

7) Break away. Here is the last and fun part. If he texts you back that he likes you, wants to have fun or get back together you have the power to tell him that "We're from different worlds." Whatever he did to you now you can do to him. You did everything in your power to get him back and now that you finally have him back you can break his heart the way he broke yours and when you do that it will be a good feeling.

If you want to know how to play your ex and get even that is how. If he is a smooth talker make sure that you do not get sucked back in by his lies because players know how to play the game good. They know how to tell a girl what she wants to hear so she will forgive him and they could get what they want. If you do decide to give him another chance just beware that this guy will hurt you again. People do make mistakes but once someone hurts someone they will also do it again. Players do not change. Forget about this guy and go for the shy one. They are the ones who will treat you right.


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      sammyochieng 2 years ago

      Great article!!! Love it from Kenya