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How to Propose Romantically

Updated on October 18, 2012
Will You Marry Me ?
Will You Marry Me ? | Source

Marriage proposal is only going to happen once in your and her lives. You have only got one chance. So, do it right. Make this one very special moment so romantic such that you will sweep her off her feet and get her saying yes.

Something very romantic does not have to be expensive. Sometimes it really comes down to how much thought or creativity you put into it to make the moment special. Although some costly proposal stories may sound impressive when being told, at the end of the day, it boils down to the moment shared between you and your partner. Hopefully, the moment is so special that she will not be able to find words to describe it and she will remember it for her entire life.

Creative Marriage Proposals

The classical marriage proposals made over a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant can be very romantic. However, they are lacking of creativity and originality. Women often dream about the day when her Mr. Right proposes to them in most unusually romantic way. Some women shared that their spouse has spent a significant amount of money on their marriage proposal, but the lack of originality, creativity or extra effort to make the moment special had left the women feeling disappointed.

So, it is worth it to make this special moment count. Remember, you have only got one chance in your and her life. Here are some ideas :

Ring in the Book
Ring in the Book | Source

Ring in a book

Purchase a book of topic you both enjoyed, and leave the first few pages intact. Carve a heart into the remaining pages and tape the engagement ring to the back of the book, with the ring in the middle of the carved pages. Write a poem or letter that expresses how much she meant to you, how much you have changed since she came into your life, and what kind of future plan you like to do with her. Place this letter or poem a page before the ring is revealed.

When you see her, you can read the book together, turning the page as you go. Soon she will turn to the page showing the letter or poem. Then, you can turn to the last page and reveal the heart and ring that was hidden inside. Totally unexpected, she will be so touched by your incredibly romantic move.

Alternatively, you can purchase this “Secret Hollow Book” from amazon, and place the ring and the above mentioned poem or letter in the locked case. Then, place this book on the bookshelf in your room. One day, when she is in your room, ask her to bring this special book to you. She will be surprised to see the unusual book, and will definitely ask you about it. Tell her that it is a surprise and let her open the book. Then, read the poem or letter to her, before bending down on your knee with the box of ring.

Miniature House Model
Miniature House Model | Source

Miniature Dream House

If you are good in miniature house building, without her knowledge, secretly build a dream house where you like to see both of you living in it. You can use card box, soft wood, Lego blocks, or you can get some materials online for building miniature doll house. Give the house a name. If she likes to read, make a library room with books on the shelf for her. If she likes to cook, make a miniature kitchen with the architectural design she has often dreamt of. If she likes to watch movie together with you, make a home-theatre room with large screen TV in it. She will be so touched by your thoughts and effort when you present it to her. At that moment, bend down on your knee and propose to her with a bunch of roses in your hand and a box of ring in the other hand.

Make a Video

Make a video telling her how much you love her, and how you want to spend the rest of your life with her. You can think of a creative plot, sing a song you composed or you both loved. See an example of youtube video on the right.

This Asian proposal is incredibly romantic. The girl thought that it was just another dinner. Then she heard the wedding song played on neighbouring tables. Again, she didn't suspect anything special. Her man then came back with a box, but the ring was not there. He then showed her that the ring in his phone, while covering the box with the phone. When he moved the phone away, the ring was in the box ! How magically romantic that is !

Romantic Sayings When you Propose Marriage

Some couples are fine with just the question, “Will You Marry Me?” If you have created the right climax, then the moment to put forward this question can be just right. However, she will appreciate more if you put in thoughtful and romantic words. Why not melt her heart with romantic sayings and get her to say “yes”. If you want to make that moment which she will remember for her whole life, here are some questions to give you some ideas of what to say:

1) What does she mean to you ?

2) What do you love about her ?

3) Who is she to you ?

4) How do you feel when you are with her ?

5) How has she changed you ?

6) What have you thought about your future together ?

7) What do you promise her ?

8) How much do you love her ?

Don’t forget to tell her that you will love her forever. That’s what marriage is all about. There will tough times coming, but together you both can pull it through.

Put down on a paper if you cannot remember all the things you wanted to say from memory.

However, if you want to say it out without a script, organize your thoughts before saying them out from your heart.

Will you spend the rest of your life with me ?
Will you spend the rest of your life with me ? | Source


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