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How to Stop Being Friends with Someone You Don’t Like

Updated on July 28, 2017

So you have friends. And, you delight in your companionship! Splendid, without a doubt! But, have you ever thought about how significant your associations are? Every man jack has a friend or mate who is a vampire. No! Not those blood slurping predators but the ones that make you feel shattered. Take a moment and answer these essential questions about your friendship and alliance. These may let you identify the apparent bad friend’s signs.

  • How do you feel when you leave your friends — strengthened or worn out?
  • Are your interactions compassionate or intolerable?
  • How do you feel when you are around them — secured or self-doubting?

So now, you understand that is your mate an unfaithful friend or a sweetheart. In some associations, you have to be a different individual than you really are. There are certain friendship problems where you feel forced to be associates rather than feeling a natural bond. If you are in such a relationship, then watch out! Such “friends” may perhaps take more than they give. And in order to change your conditions in your life, you need to amend your mind at a more profound level and terminate such bonds.

I know, it’s never an easy choice whether to terminate an alliance or not, particularly if you have been allies for a very long phase or if you are scared of loneliness. But, as is evident, few things need to be done, no two ways about it! To help you out, we are listing quite a lot of steps you can embark on to alter this situation fast. If you feel exhausted and worn-out by the damaging friends in your life and you dreadfully want to make a change, these steps might save you from an inescapable burn in life.

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Ascertain what you want in a clear way

The first step is to ascertain the qualities that you desire to have in your friends. The finest way to do this is to put a pen to paper and write down what you want. Write down the assets you are expecting to have in your new relationships. Writing it down makes things clear in your mind and converses to your unconscious mind what you need.

Don’t delay to make your decision

Yes, take a spot-on decision – right away! This is because when you postpone your resolution, you are just going to spin out the process of grief, agony, and salvage. You need to be sure and certain and make yourself clear within the shortest time possible so that you can get over the pain completely. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you bang it on their face as if you like it. You must take your time and make certain that you are profound enough to carry on a decent discussion that will be useful in this regard.

Mentally prepare yourself

Terminating a friendship of any kind is definitely not a gratifying task. You must be in as strong an outlook as you can be before breaking the matter with your mate. No matter how you pick out to terminate the strained friendship, by means of your phone or in person, you must take a moment to collect your views and feelings so that you’re self-assured in your resolution.

Get straight to the point

When you have to break the news that you need to finish your bond, it is essential that you get to the point – right away. Sidestep from any kind of drama as much as you can, particularly when you discover that your evil friend has turned out to be highly unstable and impulsive. At this juncture, it is important for you to get yourself ready for the feedback. You never know what might come to light and you must be organized and ready for it.

Try to cool things down

As you end your alliance, try to find ways in which you can cool things down. You must implement great morality and decency while ending your connection. Being deceitful and dishonest will only exacerbate the situation. If there is anything truly imperative that you need to get off your heart as you separate, this is an impeccable point to do that.

Give your friend a chance to speak

It’s essential that you get a response from your friend once the break-up process initiates. Ask your friend about how they are feeling or are there anything that they want to get off of their chest. This may turn out to be a prospect for patch-up on the verge of a broken friendship at this point. Every so often, the issue might be with you and your soon-to-be-ex-friend might be capable of bringing that to your notice. You can judge quite fast if the things that proceed from your friend’s mouth are supportive or just more ‘noxious’.

Stay calm and firm

As you end your bond, try to stay composed and fight back the momentary emotions and feelings that come to your mind. Try hard to be as firm as possible and avoid being a people pleaser at such a stage of life. As soon as everything gets over, you will look back and comprehend that you performed your best to go away from your “toxic friends” in a good way. Every now and then, you will feel like you have made a blunder. Make sure that you jog your memory and prompt yourself that you did the whole lot you could to uphold your alliance and it was not working. Don’t blame yourself for such bad influences of friends. With time, you will determine that your agony is over and that you made the finest decision out of the situation.

Expect to lose connections

Just as you lose your love during a romantic dismantle, expect to lose connections when you terminate your relationship with the unfaithful friends. The point of the subject is, right or wrong, another person would realize the need to decide on a particular side. As human beings, we possess a natural desire to bring our lives together and organize our relationships so that they’re well-ordered and as relaxed as possible. For this simple intention, a person you’re habitual of hanging out with may perhaps not hang out with you all the time.

Give yourself time to mourn

It’s completely okay to act like this! You just lost a mate, so it’s acceptable to take your time to mourn at the moment. It’s perfectly normal to feel down or gloomy about winding up your year long friendship, irrespective of how toxic your destructive friendship was. This is the same individual that you on one occasion opened your heart to in, spent time with and assembled memories with — good or bad. Take your time and you’ll apprehend that that your decision was right and then you’ll be able to pass on good wishes to yourself of managing it so well.

Embrace the gift of compassionate friends – and say a big “NO” to the offensive ones!

Ending a friendship can never be cool even if you are familiar with the fact that it needs to be done. After all, this decision of life may result in — you no longer communicating with your yearlong friends. If you have a heart and a soul, then it must be disappointing and hurtful. Dredge up that your strong self-esteem and self-respect show off the best person in you.

In spite of all, cherishing yourself and making an effort to feel confident needs to be your primary objective to see the whole world following you. You must think of how special you are. Don’t let anybody take away your self-worth and pride. You must accept the fact that this is an end to the relationship and move on with your life. Stroll through your life with an optimistic attitude!


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