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Men- How to Tell Her You Love Her

Updated on February 14, 2008

I want to throw this out to fellow men out there. I mean, face it- we usually need help in the love department. Now, not all men need help, but your average Joe Blow tends to.

For the most part, most men, myself included at times, tend to show her- whether that her is your mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, etc- that you love her on special occassions- birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, and other holidays.

But, what about the other days of the year?

I'm sure she realizes that you love her, but do you really show her?

Flickr Image: northern star- "he loves me/he loves me not.   "
Flickr Image: northern star- "he loves me/he loves me not. "

When I ask you if you show her if you love her, that doesn't mean buy her flowers and candy every day. I'm basically referring to those little tell-tell signs that you love her.

  • Take her to dinner just because.
  • A nice picnic at the park on Saturday.
  • Go to the movies together.

The little things. You know like:

  • Wash the dishes without being asked.
  • Open the door for her.
  • Help her with the groceries without being asked.

Flickr image: StarLisa- "Yay, Family Love! For Mom and Dad"
Flickr image: StarLisa- "Yay, Family Love! For Mom and Dad"

Feeling the love in a relationship is the most important idea. Without love there really isn't a relationship at all. So, you must remember to show her that you love her...

I've got a few suggestions for you guys out there thanks to Jason from a Miracle A Day- 7 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her:

  1. Show her appreciation- Just flat out tell her, "I appreciate what you do."
  2. Show her respect- Pay attention to her, open doors, stand up for her when she gets insulted.
  3. Show her romance- At least try to be a little romantic- a dinner, trail of notes leading to the bedroom.
  4. Show her love-Hold her hand, touch her face, kiss her. It's the little things that count.
  5. Show her respect for family- treat your family and hers with respect, she'll appreciate it.
  6. Show her what you love about her- Tell her what you like about her, whether they be physical features or mental ones.
  7. Show her she's number one- Make sure she knows and understands she's your priority.

And, of course tell her you love her!

Remember that just because these are tips to show your wife you love her, it doesn't mean that you can't use these tips to show love and appreciation that any special woman in your life.

Flickr image: Paul Linton- "Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop."
Flickr image: Paul Linton- "Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop."

But, even still you want to make sure to incorporate the little things into daily life. These little signs show her how much your care, respect, appreciate, and love her.

Again, thanks to Jason at Miracle A Day for this insightful article- .5 Little Ways to Show Your Love

  1. Surprise her with a small gift- A just because I love your gift. Maybe the CD or book she's had her eye on.
  2. Do something she normally does- Wash dishes, wash the clothes, anything she normally does even if you don't like doing the task. But, you have to make sure that you don't give a "I'll clean the baby's diaper, if it's alright to watch the game at Bob's this weekend."
  3. Schedule alone time just you and her- Movie and a dinner. Make it a date. Or time at the park alone. Something simple that you two can do together.
  4. Turn down something you want to do in order to spend time with her- Tell you buddies you'll play hockey next weekend because you want to spend time with her.
  5. Make something for her- Go out to the shed and make her something special, even if it's not perfect, it'll show her you love her and thought about her.

Flickr image: rfduck- "Purple Flower Bouquet"
Flickr image: rfduck- "Purple Flower Bouquet"


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    • yalenova profile image

      yalenova 7 years ago

      Just a little little more attention. ;)

      Great hub but all things must happen on their own I think.

    • profile image

      kat 8 years ago

      that is the most disgusting,dreadful,stupid,horrorific thing that i have ever heard just tell her yo love her......... ...................................................................and give her back rubs p.s. make sure the sex is good. you should've done that in the first morron

    • Dan L profile image

      Dan L 9 years ago

      Nice Hub ! I should have heeded this advice a long time ago ! Check out one of my lens' and you'll see why !

      Thanks Again !