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How to Tell If A Shy Girl Likes You

Updated on July 8, 2014

It is often hard to tell if a shy girl likes you. Sometimes, us shy girls will act as if we're not interested even if we think the world of you. Horrible, isn't it? I do believe that we give off signs when we start to develop a crush. Here are a few things to look for.

  • Blushing.

I've been told that I blush a lot. When I'm around a guy I find attractive or like, there is no doubt that I'm blushing. That can be a big clue.

  • Eye contact (or lack of).

Often, if a shy girl likes you and she sees you caught her looking at you, she will quickly look away, embarrassed. However, she will always try to sneak in glances when you are not looking. Ask a buddy if he/she notices her stealing glances of you!

  • Smiling/giggling.

A shy girl will probably smile or giggle at everything you say, even if she doesn't have much to say back to you and even if you were not talking directly to her. Just being around you will make her happy.

  • Talking through social media sites.

If she's talking to you through social media sites, such as Facebook, and "liking" your statuses and photos, she probably likes you but isn't sure how to go about talking to you in person. If this is so, try to be the bolder one and initiate some kind of conversation in person. Use things you talked about as your guide.

  • She brings you up in conversation.

It is possible she likes you if she is bringing you up in conversation. This one is tricky to find out about, but it is possible especially if you have mutual connections. It is more than likely that someone is going to tell someone if they are being asked about, especially if it is by someone of the opposite gender.

  • Her friends laugh or smile when they see you.

Girls talk a lot, especially about their crushes. If you notice a girl is with her friends and they start to smile or laugh when they see you, chances are good that she likes you!


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