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How to Tell If The Girl You Like Is Interested In You

Updated on September 23, 2011

How to tell if the girl you like is interested in you

Guys!! Here are some signs to tell if the girl you like you - Likes you back

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact is an excellent way to show a girl that you like her. If she looks back at you and it tends to be all the time then she’s showing you that you’ve got her attention. Eye contact should be for at least two or three seconds only. Basically, if she’s looking at you when you look at her it’s a great sign she is interested in you

2. The way she response to you

Try asking her a question even if it’s as simple as “ Hey, Can I sit next to you?” A really quick one word response shows that she feels uncomfortable, isn’t interested in you and most likely wants you to leave her alone and she won’t give you eye contact . But, if she likes you she will definately give you a longer response and it will be really positive “ Yes of Course you can sit next to me”

3. Body Language / Personal space

Everyone has their own “Personal Space Bubble”. If you want to know if she likes you, try standing next to her then start a conversation. Then after a few seconds lean into her and see if she leans into you. If she does, she’s telling you with her body that feels comfortable with you and enjoys your company . She may also mirror your actions. If you touch your face, she will do the exact same thing

4 . Tell a Joke

If the girl you like is laughing at your jokes but no one else seems to be laughing then she definately likes you. A lot of girls find a guy with a sense of humour really attractive


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