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How to Tell People Keeping Secret Lie

Updated on October 21, 2013

Spot a Liar

Detect a liar.
Detect a liar. | Source

The Best Liars are Sociopaths

Sociopaths are the hardest liars to detect. Sociopaths are great actors. They have no remorse or any real feelings.

Most sociopaths are charming and outgoing. The usual have top level jobs. Like salesman,attorney's, surgeons ect...

Since they have no sympathy they make great surgeon's. They love gory and violent movies. Sociopaths make great salesmen because they do not feel guilty for making a sale by manipulating and lying to you.

Most sociopath's are functional in our community. However,some sociopaths are murders or they commit other violent crimes.

I can't tell a lie!

Do I look like I am Lying?
Do I look like I am Lying?

How to Tell if Someone is Lying or Keeping a Secret

Some lies are meant not to be told. A secret! People lie for many different reasons. One of the reasons is to protect themselves or the person that they are keeping the secret or lie.

You can always tell if someone or several people are sharing the same lie/secret. These kinds of lies are usually the ones that hurt you the most.

Their behavior changes the second you are walking into the room. The whole group just drops their conversation. Then they all confront you with a fake smile and small talk. To distract you! This is one of those secrets that everyone else knows but you. Listen to someone unknowingly brings up the subject of the lie or you bring it up yourself. For example: Let’s say you think your spouse is cheating on you. But you just can’t prove it.

Well here is your chance! Make it seem like a normal conversation. Then say something like this. Use a member out of the circle of friends that’s not present. Example: Say that Lisa told you about your husband. Watch their faces drop. They will even try to maintain the lie at the time. There will be a question of trust amounts them.

Let them stew in it. Then they will be tripping over each other to confess first. Before anyone else does! Play the rescuer!

The rescuer always justifies why they lied. Then apologizes for lying then tries to comfort you and say I can’t blame you for being mad.

With one person: When they are lying or keeping a secret they try to avoid you. They stay in the shadows. The closer you are to be approached them. The more tensed they get. They also do something to distract you like to say hi. Take a drink. Avoid make much eye contact. Keep conversation short.

You can sense a barrier between you. But the liar makes an effort to hide their body language and their true emotions. The more they try to hide it the more it shows and they know it so they make excuses to leave.

When you confront someone, or requesting the truth? Liars twist it around to make you feel like you're accusing them or calling them a liar. They will go as far as arguing with you. To cover their lie. They answer your question with a question. They will say something like. How long have we been friends? Have I ever lied to you? Or you don’t trust me. They will say anything to gain your trust.

Then you have the liar that instead of answering with a yes or no question. They answer with a story. It usually starts with. You won’t believe this. Then they will come up with this unbelievable story.

Then you have your premeditated liars: Such as a hustle! Someone who tells a lie to get what they want. Such as money or they tell you something that they made up about someone else to get you to believe that person is awful.

Just flat-out knowingly tell lies about someone else. Has no motive or reason other than to start trouble. I call them people drama queens. They will purposely start shit to get back at that person or to hurt that person just because they want to make themselves look good.

Then you have your liars that don’t even have a motive to lie. These are the liars that believe the lies them self. These are what I call bullshit artist. Those lies are easy to pick out. They know everything, done everything. These liars haven’t done shit. They just want you to believe they have so that they feel better about themselves. Sort of like an ego trip!

Dangerous liar: These people can be dangerous. These people live like there onstage like in a book or a movie. These people are delusional. They can appear normal when you see them from a distance. Even at work! These people know they are sick. They rather live a fantasy or the delusion than to do anything about it. They will eventually go into a deep denial.

These people will act out whatever their fantasy. You might even be a part of their fantasy. These people will get very angry if you confront them. Or tell them they are crazy. If you find yourself in this situation! Play along with them until you can get away from them.

Pathological Liar

Could You Be living with Sociopath

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    • tamron profile image

      tamron 4 years ago

      Yes,deception comes in many forms such as deception by theft that is someone who lies to get money. Secrets is another form of deception.

    • profile image

      Honest Person 4 years ago

      A lie means you do not want the person to know. That includes deception and secrets.

    • Steel Engineer profile image

      Steel Engineer 5 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine

      This is a good topic. You can really improve it with some personal examples (name changed to protect the wicked!) and with some subtitles and a quiz or two. "Ever been lied to, and knew it?"

      Remember what Jesus said: to suffer for what we have done... we should bear it in silence. To suffer for what we have not done... we should also bear it in silence, but also celebrate. For then, we suffer with Jesus in innocence.

      The Bible warns us against gossip, and accurately cautions: if you talk about someone... they next time they walk into a room you are in, they will know it. That is true!

      The way to kill negativity in a relationship/acquaintance is to pray for the other people. King Solomon also said that giving a gift also helps. It can be a small bag of chocolates or a mocha latte.

      I hope these thoughts help the article and the situation.

      Good topic choice.

    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 6 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      Good points made here!

      - Harlan

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      Well it's hard to lie about something as exciting and informative as your hubs - and that's no secret!

    • entertianmentplus profile image

      entertianmentplus 7 years ago from United States

      Awesome hub and good read about lies.