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How to Tell if Your Best Friend is Fake

Updated on November 28, 2011

You meet this girl and have so much in common. The both of you feel like you click and soon she starts telling you that your like a sister to her. One day something changes. You have a feeling that she isn't as true as you once thought she was. How do you know if your best friend is fake? Here's how:

1) She smiles to your face but talks about you behind your back.

2) You tell her a secret and the next day 10 people know when your the only one who told her.

3) She tells you immediatly when someone says something negative about you.

4) When you are fighting with someone she smiles.

5) She acts differently towards you when she is with a group of people.

6) She is always prying and questioning you.

7) She will make promises to you but bail when something better is offered to her.

8) She talks about people and then is with them.

9) She makes fun and criticizes everyone she sees.

10) She doesen't do anything when she sees you are crying.

Girls are sneaky and it's hard to find a true friend. If you have a feeling that your friend isn't true than you are probally right. Always go with your instincts. If your friend does any of this or shows any suspicious behavior move on, even though it's hard. It's better to be alone and wait for the right friend than have one friend who makes you miserable. True friends make each other happy not sad.


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    • profile image

      madiee 5 years ago

      this is true.....friends are fake but im real