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How you Thank Your Wedding Party

Updated on October 4, 2014
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How to thank your bridal party
How to thank your bridal party

The bridal party are the most important people at your wedding and they are responsible for helping with the planning of the wedding and ensuring that it runs smoothly. It is a stressful job to be assigned to and it definitely warrants recognition and appreciation.

The bride and groom do not have much time during the wedding to thank everyone properly and there are a few ways to say thank you and show how grateful you are.

Who is in the Wedding Party?

Bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen, ushers, pageboy, parents and grandparents are in the wedding party. Each person has their own specific job to do in order to make your day a special one!

They are all a part of the build up to your wedding and bridesmaids have to go for fittings, the maid of honour helps you plan everything and takes on the glorious job of relieving your stress and making you feel better when you feel nothing is going according to plan. This is a shared responsibility with your family.

The ring bearer is stressed out all day because of the fear of losing your precious wedding rings and the readers are afraid that they might stutter.

The Easiest Option.

Most brides and grooms thank their party by giving them a personalised gift or they take them for a special breakfast to show their gratitude.

A personal gift is always best as it shows that you have taken the time out to be thankful and that you are truly appreciative of what they have done for you.

Many brides choose to buy the bridesmaids accessories for the wedding which is a momento of the day. It is easiest to do it this way so that the bride doesn't have to worry about gifts on her special day.

Personalise Your Thank You.

Thanking the wedding party is best done by giving them personalised gifts. It does take time to choose what to get but it is worth the effort.

Flower girls and the little ones that are in your party are easily thanked by a small toy or a sweet hamper.

Bridesmaids can also have a gift that is the same; flowers, bathroom hamper or accessories and for the groomsmen just a bottle of liquer.

For the maid of honour and the people that are the closest to you, it is a good idea to get them something that comes from the heart. It doesn't have to be an expensive item because it is just a small token of your appreciation but it will mean the world to them.

For the guys
For the guys | Source

Good Ideas

A great idea is to have a photo of you and your groom on a thank you card with whatever you have chosen to get the party and inside the card should be special words that come from each of you to each individual, thanking them for the specific thing that they did for you both.

For your maid of honour it is a good idea to buy a piece of jewellery (a cross or heart.)

Gather great and unexpected phot's of your wedding party and have it put together in on a canvas for each one of them to keep.

You could also send them all to a spa after you leave for your honeymoon but it depends on your budget because this gets expensive and the wedding will cost you enough!

The most important thing to remember is to say thank you and acknowledge that they have helped you with your special day.

Whatever you get them will be appreciated as long as you remember to be thankful and during the speeches you could give them a mention too!


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