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How to Understand the Mindset of an Introvert?

Updated on May 25, 2020
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I sometimes feel that maybe I am an introvert. Read the article to find out whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.


The person who gains energy by being alone and loses energy by being too social is the sign of an introverted personality. After a long period of active time, they want to be alone to recharge themselves is the prime trait of an introvert. An introvert loves spending quality time alone which doesn't mean feeling loneliness. One must not get confused between the two. Feeling lonely is the sign of depression and not an introvert. Similarly, an introvert must not be confused with shyness.

An introvert is a personality type whereas shyness is just a personality trait of an individual. Shy means feeling nervous facing the crowd whereas introverts feel alone even in a crowd. They are not nervous but satisfied and happy on their own. The alone time is their me time which they want to spend with themselves to get re-energize. Re-energizing activities may involve reading books articles, watching movies, videos, listening songs, meditating. Activities may vary but the core purpose is to spend quality time alone. Though an introvert can be equally bold, courageous and ready to take risks. So, how will you know that you or the surrounding person is an introvert?


1. Personality Traits of an Introvert

The first thing that has been observed is that if you get tired after too much active time and don't like socializing much, you may be an introvert. It's maybe your way to maintain your energy level before it becomes low. If you always find excuses to avoid social gatherings, unofficial meetings, parties and enjoy your own company then you are surely one such.

If you have a small friend circle, only the dearest and genuine in real life. It means you emphasize quality above quantity. More often it has been observed that an introvert thinks a lot before saying anything especially to those who are mere acquaintances. They get comfortable only in front of the close ones. It looks like they have a confined nature but not really. Everybody has their own way to explore the outer world without losing their speciality.

The possessor of such qualities mostly avoids small conversations and tries to jump to the deeper conversation and simply skip the intro part. The reason for not enjoying small talk is that they don't feel the need for it; they just get drained after participating in it. Defining that part is obvious and doesn't feel the need of having it and saves time and energy.

2. Behaviour and Hobbies

Slowly an introvert develop a habit of self-talk. Self-talking concerns a situation of constant inner monologue when a person talks to themselves before speaking it out loud. They do so just to ensure what they really want to convey and in which manner it must be conveyed. Whenever they used to be free an inner voice leads their mind preparing for things like how will they answer the phone call or handle an argument. Introverts prefer everything in a perfect manner for which self-talking helps a lot to prepare things ahead. Others may find it weird but this is a quite normal and basic practice for them.

They love writing. Now writing must not be confused with one's day-to-day life entries. Instead, he pictures all of his opinions, ideas and future goals with the help of words. Introverts often find it best to express themselves best in written words. Diary keeping seems important to them to help them express their deepest feelings and biggest wishes. Writing also helps them improve their thinking standard and creativity. They write fast when they are left alone in their own thoughts.

3. Society Perception

Their surrounding may misjudge an introvert as an anti-social, rude, brooder due to their lack of interaction and quiet nature. But in reality, they are equally generous. It's just that they talk less and purposefully. Being equally emotional and practical like an extrovert, but they don't express their emotions all the time. Others may find them antisocial due to the considered nature. But they also feel equally attached and participated in the events, but they just don't want to get highlighted. If, you don't want to be left alone all the time but definitely after serving all your daily duties then you are an introvert.

Sometimes an introvert generates curiosity in others to know them more. About their lives and opinions. As they speak less, the interested ones will listen to them more closely and help them gain attention on even a routine topic. And sometimes simply get ignored as well.

4. Introvert Perspective

An introvert appears as a wallflower in parties and social gatherings as hosting a party are not in their choice. They unwillingly lead or host an official meeting or seminar. Simultaneously they also hesitate to host an unofficial gathering and prefers to be at the audience side.

Introvert are a great observer. They get easily distracted or drained out on the slightest sound. They notice the smallest and almost discreet detail of the picture. Their sensitivity of observing the slightest detail that the others may not have even noticed makes you standout.


It may happen that few aforesaid traits are similar to other personalities too, but the person who possesses the majority of these is definitely an introvert. A complete introvert appears as an egoist and loner, self-seeker or an excessively proud of himself. Don't misunderstand them as narcissists and autism. Every person has someone close to their heart who became their source of strength, happiness, and energy. That doesn't make them psychiatric but self-satisfied.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prateek Jain


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