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How to Win Your Ex Back

Updated on March 22, 2011


Are you in a depressed mood because you and the love of your life are no longer together? Are you in that spatial port where you did not know until you lost it area? Are you looking for away to win her heart back after you did something stupid? Well, what if I told you that you do not need to keep a broken heart? That there are things that you can do to prove you truly are meant for each other. Don’t go through life knowing that you did not try everything you could to win her back.

Finding the love of our lives is hard enough watching them walk out the door is even harder. Try this simple process and apply it to your situation and see if you can do just that and win her back forever. If it is truly meant to be then you will.

The first thing we need to understand that after losing the one that we love is that our mind is reeling with erratic and irrational thoughts. We must first put them aside no matter how hard it is we need to clear the negativity from our situation as best we can otherwise it will limit what you are trying to do. Having the world crash down on you because of this is normal but the impulsive actions will have dire consequence. So sit in a small room and limit your surroundings to as quiet as possible turn the lights off and just relax let everything go. Take deep breaths and allow your mind to wonder on the happier times that you had together.

The first step in winning her back is to tell her that you accept the situation. What do I mean? How can I accept it while trying to win her back seems almost like a contradiction? Well, yes it is you must let her know that it is ok and that you understand and respect her decision. But, this is absolutely necessary in that showing maturity and respect to her will let her know that you are able to go on without her.

Second is to stop texting and calling her every hour. As hard as the previous step is, this one makes it even harder. No text, email, phone calls, or going to her friends to find out what she is doing. Stopping the contact is essential otherwise you are showing no respect and just desperation of not wanting them to leave your life completely. If you are engaged in trying to speak with them nothing you will do will win them back all it will do is push them further and further because your mind set will be one of illogical nonsense.

Although we have all heard it before that time heals all wounds, the initial time after a breakup is the most important. This is the time that if it is truly meant to be and you play your cards right you have a better chance of feeling her warm embrace again. You are showing your Ex that you are able to move on with life and without her.

Another thing that seems to get a hold of us during these tremulous times is STRESS. Easier said then done of course but the less stress that you have the easier it will be on yourself and your loved one you are trying to get back. Don’t get thoughts into your head that are manipulative or not totally honest because although these tactics work for the short term in the long run they will push her away.

Woman have a way of pushing mans buttons to the breaking point and some do not know how to continually handle the situations. But following some of these steps will either help bring her back or allow you to also move on because in the end if it is meant to be it is meant to be. Its not the advice I am sure you are looking for but being confident in yourself and showing your ex you can get along just fine without her is the best way to go or to let go in either situation. Just remember that needy, desperate or obsessiveness will never win out.



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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Well written article but I definitely wouldn't do that. He even wants to come now but now thank you. I couldn't trust him anymore and that is the main thing.