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How to Write Relationship Hubs

Updated on March 14, 2022
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Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.


Writing to Help Others

The Internet is a factory of answers for relationships. Everyone and their dog has relationship questions, and sometimes the answer people want isn't readily available on the Internet. One of the best pieces of advice I have about writing for relationships is have an inquisitive mind. When you come to a fork in the road, with your own personal questions about dating, you should Google it... and see what responses you get.

If you find that you are unsatisfied with what you find -- this is a great opportunity to write a hub on the topic. For one, this will get you to brainstorm about the idea and come up with a solution. Second, you know there's an interest in the topic, but it hasn't been handled well to this point to where it reaches the top posts on Google. So then... it is now your job to fulfill that need.

I think this is a great starting point if you want to write relationship hubs. It takes practice to write these hubs and gain some experience. No, you might not be a relationship guru, counselor, or angel -- but sometimes what people need is something that sounds more like their best friend. People are searching for answers and possibilities. People on the Internet are very inquisitive, so you want to help them with that need.

Try to be empathetic toward your audience. I've definitely had my sore spots before where I was writing about something and it was... more on the disrespectful side. Try not to let your bias dominate you when writing about relationships, and be open to learning.

Content is King

When you write about relationships, you want to give people ideas on how they can improve them.

  1. It's a good idea to include lists. People like reading things that will help them push forward. Lists like "20 Ways to Improve Your Kissing" gives a promise, let's you know it's a quick read, and who doesn't want to improve their kissing?
  2. Use clickbait. Some websites really have a strong handle on this, but use titles that will get people to click on it. Try "You won't believe how this advice will _____" "and the number of reasons it will _____." Try saving titles that make you click on things on a Word doc. You can refer back to them when you make titles for your own badass writing.
  3. Content is king. Make sure to follow HubPages evergreen rules. You want to get 1250+ words, 3 pictures, and 2 supplemental pieces of content. It is wise to use videos, Buzzfeed will most likely have a video that fits. Also, polls are great for engaging your audience... and also learning how people think.
  4. Know a thing or two about personality tests, horoscopes, palm reading -- anything that people use that's interesting. You could do a whole hub on the Ross and Rachel romance, classic romance movies -- there's more than one way to skin this cat on relationship hubs.
  5. You should spend time reading dating articles and watching videos to see how the pros come up with their own tricks.
  6. When you have a bangin' hub, you should try to make similar content like it. A bangin' hub means it is getting lots of views, lots of comments, and just all around -- lots of love.
  7. When it comes to writing relationship hubs, try to keep it open to gender and sexuality. It's wise to use the word "partner" rather than boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband. "Spouse" is a good word too, but not everyone is married... nor plans to be married.
  8. Be confident about dating yourself. Know what you believe -- and that'll help you to write relationship hubs that actually help people. That really should be your goal.
  9. Know that relationship hubs are competitive. A lot of people have gotten into the market, so you really need to know your stuff and write in a way that people enjoy it.
  10. I usually go with the advice of -- if you can't say it to your grandmother, than it probably is too strong. Sure, not everyone has the same grandmother, but eloquent writing about relationships is more inviting to a larger audience than something crude. Remember, you don't know who exactly is reading what you write. You could have some very young readers -- and some readers who haven't dated in a long time -- try to keep in mind that not everyone who comes across what you write is the same person.

You usually look at articles and videos on romance because...?

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Hot Topics

Certain hubs about relationships are much more inviting than others. Keep in mind what is considered modern. Dating 20 years ago doesn't look the same as now... and dating 40 years ago might look even stranger. Sure, there are some trends in the present that we could all forgo. People didn't use online dating for centuries upon centuries and did just fine. Try to build people up and encourage them. The dating world is vast! Look around the planet and you'll see lots of people have had successful relationships. You are wired for them. Sure, there is a lot of negativity in the planet, but there is far more baby making each night than violence.

Not 100% sure on that, but more people are in fact born each day than die. So we must be doing something right. Right? Who knows....

Topics that interest people:

  • Texting -- lots of people still are not getting the hang of this, and it is complicated. Studies show texting is psychologically about the same as talking to someone face to face. Usually, people get asked out through a text more than they do in person. You can send things from a safe distance, it's easy, and it has got a lot of charm. People need to know how to do it in a way that advances the relationship and isn't creepy. People also need help knowing which texts not to send that could ruin their lives. Wow. Don't send a text that could ruin your life ever. Most people start in text relationships before they hang out. It helps test the water.
  • Breaking Up -- people tend to want to know how to get the nerve to end things. Break ups are not always easy, neither for the one who gets dumped and the one who does the breaking. People have lots of questions about when to break up, why you should break up, and why their ex left them. People need a lot of encouraging words here to get their selves back up on their feet and enjoy themselves again before even getting back into the dating waters.
  • Reading Body Language -- the Internet is full of questions about why are people moving the way they do. Is he flirting with me? Probably so. People want to know everything from winks, foot twitches, armpit sniffing, sly smiles, flexing muscles, twirling hair, hugs, kisses, proximity, massages, caresses, dancing, laughing, hand holding, and methods to fix socks. Does she like me or was she just being nice? These age old questions never die.
  • Dating Problems -- people don't necessarily admit it, but they love to play relationship detective. Try figuring out what are normal problems and how people can overcome them, like basic communication errors, how to make things more spicy, when is it time to become official, or when is it time to let things go. How do you manage long distance relationships? When should you be in a long distance relationship? There are always parts of relationships that need to be analyzed, and people don't always have their best friend ready to give them a perfect response on how to handle it all.
  • Crushes -- we've all dabbled in unrequited love. People need to know they're not alone, they also need help figuring out how to make a move. Help people along by giving them ideas on how to say hello, what is creepy and what is charming, and how there are more fish in the sea besides the rainbow fish you've got yourself mesmerized by. If people have confidence, they can surely talk to their sweety and see if things can go forward from there. There is hope for everybody. Maybe some relationships are not meant to be, but that doesn't mean you can't find the right attitude and win someone who works for you.

© 2016 Andrea Lawrence


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