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How to Write a Good Sext

Updated on February 18, 2011

Want to sext your way to seduction?

You may have seen news articles about sexting and wondered if you could ever send a message that really gets someones gears cranking. Well I can help you. Go through this article and by the end will be full of good ideas.

Sexting 101: Mad Libs

First get in the mind set. Your sext should be about the person are sending it to, and the outlandish things you want to do to them. Unless you intend to be funny avoid emoticons. If you have a picture of the person try looking at it. If you have actually done the sex on the person try remembering the last time you did it.


  • I want to rub your__(Body Part)__on my__(Body Part)__.
  • I want to put my__(Body Part)__in to your__(Item of Clothing)__.


  • I want to__(Verb)__ (over|in|through|against) your __(Body Part)__ .
  • I want to__(Verb)__ you in__(Location)__.


  • I need to__(Verb)__ your__(Body Part)__with you up on__(Large Object)__in the __(Location)__.
  • I want to__(Verb)__ your__(Body Part)__with my__(Body Part)__until you __(Verb)__.

A note on body parts: think carefully about what you call various body parts. Don't call lady parts a "gash" or a "knife wound" or any other graphic horror movie imagery. This is a mistake a lot of young people make, you can't be seductive and juvenile at the same time without a lot of practice.

Sexting 202: Free-form and Similes

Now that you are comfortable with the basics stop restricting yourself to body parts. You can use any noun, however there are some nouns that are better than others. Consider the picture that your words paint:

  • Pickle vs Cucumber
  • Little General vs Conquering Soldier
  • Curtain Rod vs Garden Hose

Also, start adding modifiers:

I want to_(Verb)_ your_(Noun)__with my__(Noun)__until you __(Verb)__on my floor.

Similes, like statements, are another way to spice up your spicy texts. Start off simple and then try mixing them in with your other skills.


I want to__(Verb)__you like a__(Noun)__.

A bit more flowery:

Your__(Noun)__feels like__(Noun[s])__(Verb-ing)__my__(Noun)__.

Really, just fill in those blanks until you find something that works for your particular situation.

Sexting 303: Have Fun, But Be Smart

Formulas are limiting. Keep your sexts fresh by using modifiers. The best modifications are sensations: warm, salty, firm, etc.

Remember that sexting is mental. So, consider your goal and audience. Are you trying to be sexy or dirty? If the goal is dirty go with explicit. If you want better sexy results be implicit, rather than graphic, because engaging your readers mind makes it sexier.

Implied action:

  • I can still smell you in my beard.
  • Shut up and make me moan.
  • Bourbon, chaps, taquitos; your choice.

Explicit action:

  • I look forward to waking up with you inside me.
  • I’m going to plow you like a rice paddy.
  • You're so beautiful I want to do you in a bungalow.

If you can avoid it, don't use "hard" it is trite and overused; try words like "stiff" or "solid." Juicy is also overused. Consider using a whatever pet name you have for the person; this will help them know that you are writing specifically to them.

If you need more inspiration visit you can see a lot of other people sexts and see if you like their style.

Have You Ever Sent a Sext Message?

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      4 years ago

      Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool. ceggdegfcddb

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      nial horan 

      6 years ago

      haaaaaa useful

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      Must be a sign of the times,,I too old and to out of time?


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