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How to ask a girl out: Creative ways to ask a girl out on a date

Updated on March 4, 2013

How to ask a girl out? Bring out your inner romantic by using one of these creative ways to ask a girl out. Whether it is for a fun date, prom night, coffee or a movie, be your romantic best and be different from the other guys by asking your crush out in a sweet and cute way. It does not take a lot of effort but your creative proposal will remain etched in her heart forever.

1) Write a blog post and ask her out

You can really show creative side by asking a girl out on your blog. Publish a new post on which you can write down how you feel about her and where you would like to take her out for a date.

Send her a text message or an email with a link to your blog and request your crush to leave her reply in a comment. If you feel like being more creative, you can even add pictures or a video to your blog post. This works really well if you are a shy guy because you don't have to ask her out in person and at the same time, you can be romantic without feeling weird.

2) Record a voice message by singing a song to ask her out

Budding musicians looking for creative ways to ask a girl out can leave a melodious voice message on her cell phone. Pick up a romantic tune and sing it as you strum the guitar or play the keyboard.

No matter how good or bad you are at singing, a real girly girl will really appreciate a guy's efforts to impress her. Your crush will blush when she hears you singing on her voice mail regardless of whether she likes you back or not.

3) Send her flowers anonymously

Send your crush flowers anonymously accompanied by a small note. Repeat this for a few times to build mystery and suspense. Keep a close eye on the way she behaves the next day in school or in college. Go ahead and ask her out in person if she seems to be happy.

Ask your crush out by leaving a sneaky note in one of the pockets of her backpack.
Ask your crush out by leaving a sneaky note in one of the pockets of her backpack.

4) Slip a handwritten note in her backpack

A simple yet very cute way of asking a girl out for a date is to slip a sweet handwritten note in her backpack. You can ask a friend to do it if you are afraid of getting caught.

Handwritten notes have forever won the hearts of girls. They are a guy's perfect accessory when it comes to asking a crush out.

5) Tag her in a Facebook picture

You can impress a girl online and ask her out by subtly tagging her in a Facebook picture. Pick a photo from one of your Facebook albums in which she looks pretty and you are in it too. Leave a comment, saying that you would make a nice couple with a wink or smiley at the end to avoid being too direct.

Your comment is likely to be followed by a few flirty messages and candid conversations. If she really likes you back, she may talk about it with dreamy eyes when you meet her the next time. Use that chance to ask her out in person.

6) Send her a video clip of a guy asking a girl out from a famous movie

A romantic way to ask a girl out could be to send her a video clip from a famous romantic movie which shows the guy asking out a girl. Accompany your video clip with a message along the lines of 'I wish that I was the guy in the video and you were the girl'. This is the type of things that a girl is likely to tell her friends about.

7) Offer her your shopping coupons

A cute way to ask a girl out is to give her your shopping coupons. Just give her all your coupons and say that you have no use of them. Scribble a cute message behind each coupon and hope that she notices at least one of them.

It will be awesome if the checkout operator at a supermarket notices the message and points it out to her. If you can manage to convince her to go shopping with you so that the both of you can use the coupons together, you have asked her out on a date already.

8) Ask her out with by penning a short poem in a text message

Asking a girl out with a bland text message can come across as rude. Pump up the creative quotient by writing your own short poem that says I Like You. Even if she does not want to go out with you, your cute and romantic attempt will make her smile and giggle.

9) Write on her bread with sauce

Is the girl you are trying to ask out on a date in the same school, college or office as yours? If she is, you can take advantage of this situation and ask the cafeteria attendant to write a message for her on bread with sauce.

You can write the message yourself if the cafeteria refuses to do it for you. Just get a friend to subtly put the plate on her table.

10) Tie a balloon to her desk or the handle of her car door

You will really set a girl's heart racing if you ask her out by tying a balloon to her desk or to her car's door handle. Scribble a short note on the balloon before inflating it so that she can read your heart out on the balloon itself.

You can tie the balloon to her desk if you want to be adventurous. But remember that everyone else will notice if you do so. If you want to keep it under wraps, tie it to her car so that only your crush notices it when she goes back to the parking lot.

Ask a girl out by challenging her in a sport or a game of her choice. A video game is a classic pick if you both are gaming fans.
Ask a girl out by challenging her in a sport or a game of her choice. A video game is a classic pick if you both are gaming fans. | Source

11) Challenge her to a game: Bet that you get to take her out if you win

If the girl you are trying to ask out is the sporty types, challenge her to a game. Bet on winning and she can take the cash if she wins. If you win, you get to take her out on a date. Make sure that you set the challenge to her politely since this should be a combat for love, not for power.

There are many games and sports you can challenge her on, including basketball, bowling, pool, tennis or even a board game like chess. You can even challenge her for a round on your PlayStation or Wii console if you both are gaming geeks.

12) Send her a handwritten letter by regular mail

Everyone talks about text messages, Facebook posts, tweets and instant chat messages however there is nothing that can beat the charm of a handwritten letter when it comes to romance. If you know your crush's address, send a handwritten letter by regular mail.

This will really surprise her because she may not have imagined being asked out over a letter that too via snail mail. Pack your letter with scribbles, doodles and heart shapes all over.

13) Leave a trail of clues and notes to surprise her

Leaving a cute trail of clues can be a very creative way of asking a girl out. An easy way to setup a trail would be to slip a few handwritten notes at different places including her backpack pocket, her desk, her car or even her mailbox.

Start your trail by sending her a text message, asking her to check her email. The email should direct her to look in her backpack pocket which can direct her to look at the envelope you left on her desk. The last clue should be the one in which you officially ask her out.

This trail of notes was just an example. You can be more creative by using boxes and other small objects to heighten the mystery and surprise.

14) Ask her out on a special day with a rose and a special card

Special and celebratory days like Valentine's Day or Rose Day are the picture perfect opportunities to ask a girl out. However opportunities like these seldom arise and don't miss it if you get the chance to recreate the most romantic proposal for a date.

Arm yourself with a rose and a card with a romantic message. Take advantage of the romance in the air and make her feel as if she is in a movie by asking her out on a magical day like Valentine's Day.

15) Get tickets to a concert by her favorite artist

This is the perfect way to ask a girl out who is a die-hard music fan. Buy tickets to her favorite artist's live concert and ask her if she would like to come along. You can either make it a date just for the two of you or you can ask some of your friends to come along if you want to keep your first date casual.

16) Ask her out by leaving a fake parking ticket on her car

Set yourself apart from others by being creative and original in asking a girl out. Use the back side of a parking ticket to write a sweet I Like You message and leave it on the windshield of a girl's car. Don't forget to write down your number, email or Facebook profile.

You can wait behind another car so you can see the expression on her face when she spots the note. Her expression will help you judge her reaction to being asked out. You will instantly get an idea whether your creative idea worked or not.


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