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How to get the attention of the woman of your dreams

Updated on October 19, 2012

Getting the attention of your much cherished crush or woman of your dreams can be difficult and tricky. But you need to do this though in order for you to advance into the first base. This however may seem like you are stuck in unending dilemmas, but you need to give it a shot.

This can be an impossible task especially when you know that you have a perception that the woman might not like you or already not available because she already have a boyfriend (but nobody knows, the girl and his boyfriend may end up splitting in the coming days and this may favor you nonetheless, hehehe). Bear in mind that it is better to make an attempt than doing nothing at all and makes you regretful in the end.

My stunning colleague Ma'am MJ... For sure many lads out there are raring to get her attention...

Truly packed with charm and wit...
Truly packed with charm and wit...
Very bright, humble and teeming with exquisite beauty...
Very bright, humble and teeming with exquisite beauty...

Here are some essential tips and pointers to get the attention of the woman you cherished the most:

Get hold of her attention. If you are not capable of getting the attention of the woman, then you are expected to wound up with nothing. Muster enough courage to let her notice you, although this may be tantamount to accomplishing a gargantuan task.

Make something get started. Sway her to have a simple conversation with you. If you are successful doing this see to it that something must start from her. Getting attention should not end here. You may talk about her interests and hobbies and make her feel that she is very important and extra special.

Have guts. You must be teeming with high self-confidence, self-esteem and high sense of security to get along with a woman and talking with her. See to it that the flow of things is doing nice and smooth.

Reveal your worth to her. A woman should able to see what you can offer to give you her time instead of the other guys. This can be a big challenge especially if the girl is very beautiful and charming.You must display your value to the girl so that she will choose you. Although this is not an easy task you need to make some practice and a lot of work. Display your endowed talents, good intentions and superior attributes, without making her feel that you are boastful. Also, you must be armed with sense of humor at times to break boredom and dull moments.

Keep her magnetized. Make it a point that you have hooks around her to make her stay around with you. Work hard to keep something going at all times. If she is already hooked up with you make sure that you show her why she has to continue hanging around with you.

dream girl

Although one needs to cruise through many difficulties at first when trying to get noticed by a woman that gives your heart too much joy, all of your hard work will be rewarded many times over if at the end you'll be able have her as a girlfriend and perhaps your spouse.

The best of luck! May these simple tips help you in a way.

My first hub entered in the hot Contest of HubPages...


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    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      These tips are really nice. Well, I am not a fan of guys who are too confident about themselves. They may have the looks, height and even a job good enough for both of you to live in abundance but guys with such perfection often have attitude problems. So I usually go for guys who knows how to make a woman happy and treats her as a one of a kind gem and not just a part of his collection.

      Great Hub by the way, and good luck with the contest.



    • profile image

      ayel casaclang consuelo 

      7 years ago

      ang galing...............


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