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How to be a Bad Lesbian and Give the Rest of Us a Bad Reputation

Updated on April 18, 2012

-Put an ad in the Personals while still living with your ex- and then expect your new date to be okay with that. If it’s over, then move out. If there are financial reasons for still cohabiting, then wait until you’re out of that living arrangement before bringing someone else into the picture. No woman in her right mind will be okay with you going home to your ex-. She’ll wonder and question if it’s truly over between you two, or if you’re just using her.

-Leave your personal ad up while being involved with someone already and not tell them. While having a personal ad online is a great way to meet new women and see what comes out of it, not letting your female companion know that such ad still remains active with recent activity is deceptive. Please, no excuses like, “Well, I don’t go on there at all.” Or, “I’m not looking for anyone else.” Okay, then, either take the ad down or let the current poor girl go. Selfish.

-Meet someone new and have a fling with her and not tell your current girlfriend about it. There are times that another lady may cross your path and you may hit it off better with her instead. If you’re not interested in continuing the other relationship, then break it off and do your thing with the new one! Spare the current woman the lies and heartbreak by giving her the dignity she deserves and let her go. Don’t behave like a dog, which is what many men already do to women as it is. Also, maintaining a friendship with a woman you cheated on your girlfriend with is not only rubbing the cheating in her face, but it shows that you don’t care about your girlfriend’s feelings by wanting your cake and eating it, too. Twice. Her trust in you will be difficult to rebuild and your modus operandi will be known and spread around like wildfire to other Lesbians in the community should you decide to date again.

-Maintain friendships with all of the women you’ve been with and expect your new girlfriend to be comfortable with such. Okay, so while it may be mature to remain friends with someone that you were once a thing with, keeping bonds with everyone who you’ve exchanged bodily fluids with just isn’t comforting for the new woman in your life. I don’t understand why many Lesbians feel that all of their female friends have to be not only all Lesbians, but Lesbians that they’ve been involved with in the past.

-Spend the night over and/or sleep in the same bed with another Lesbian woman and expect your girlfriend to be okay with it. Alright, so we as women are nurturing, emotional and playful creatures especially with other women. However, it doesn’t sit right for the woman in your life to know that you’ve slept over at another Lesbian’s place. You may claim it’s platonic and that nothing happened, but it doesn’t excuse you sharing a bed with them. There’s got be a couch somewhere or the floor for your or them to crash on. Even if nothing happened, it’s still not conduct that makes a girl that’s with you comfortable or at ease with that friendship and arrangement.

-Flirt with other women, exchange numbers and add them on Facebook while expecting your woman to be okay with it. There’s nothing more inflammatory than dating someone whose phone’s constantly going off with texts and phone calls from other women that you know nothing about. If you’re happy dating your current woman, then why seek and give attention to others? Also, exchanges of comments on Facebook between you and many different women can start to raise questions if the contents are too close for comfort.


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