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How to be a Man in 5 steps

Updated on January 24, 2016

What is a Man?

A man is someone you can depend on to be there when you need them. He will always have your back in times of trouble, and is willing to be there when you call. A real man doesn't have to be gendered as such, and you should know him when you see him by the presence he has and the effect he has on those around him. In this article you will learn five steps to becoming closer to being a man people will look to for guidance, and be proud to know.

Step 1. Be Respectful, and Therefore Respected.

When you think of a man, you think of someone who demands the respect of his peers, and that's who you want to be. Someone who people look to, someone who commands the attention of a crowd. But to be respected you must first respect others. It's as simple as a thank you, which is not as feminine as some may lead you to believe. Respect is key to being perceived as a real and all around man.

Step 2. Be knowledgeable.

Every man must know something, whether it be how to stitch up torn pants or bake a cake for his child. To have knowledge is to be someone who people can look to for guidance, someone who people will see as an all knowing source of wisdom. Even if all you know is how to change a tire. Sit down and read a book sometime, maybe learn CPR, and become a little smarter for your self and others.

Step 3. Have a Hobby.

A man must know how to pass the time, be it days, weeks or however long he needs to be alone and think. Some men chose to widen their knowledge by reading, doing puzzles, or other mind exercises, while some men chose to be physical. You can take up a creative hobby like wood carving or welding and perfect it, but always know that though a man takes pride in his work he is not egotistical. Everyone at every point in their lives is a work in progress, and though you may be above someone at one point it doesn't mean you will be better then them when you are both done.

Step 4. Welcome Responsibility

A man accepts that at some point in his life he will be responsible for others, be it his children, his spouse, or his pets. Because of this he must practice being responsible at every point possible, babysitting nieces and nephews, being the designated driver, feeding pets while their owners are out of town. Practice makes perfect, and if you are prepared for every swing life throws at you then you will not be caught unawares. A man must know this and take charge of his life as early as possible so he is never blindsided by chance.

Step 5. Be a Leader.

To be a man you must lead like a hero. No matter what the circumstance you want everyone in the room to look to you as the leader in every situation. If someone wants to move the party to their house you want the room to look at you and question if that's what you want. But don't be a dictator. Let the needs of your friends outweigh the needs of your own at times. A good leader cares for his friends first and himself second. And a real man is only a leader if people want him to be.

Will You Be A Man?

The scene opens. It's the first episode of your favorite T.V show but instead of the main character everyone is looking to you for guidance. To be a man you need to be a leader, someone who people know they can fall back on in an emergency. You must overflow with confidence and knowledge, you must be able to care for the young and old alike. You must respect everyone around you and therefore gain the trust and respect of them. Have a hobby that you can perfect and teach to your friends and family, and let them grow and learn as you did. This is what being a man is. Being someone who everyone's eyes are drawn to when they walk into the room, who everyone wants to please, someone whose opinion everyone wants. That is being a man. Are you up for the challenge?


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