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How to be a hipster: Guide on hipster clothes, style, fashion, music, lifestyle and more

Updated on December 27, 2012
What kind of hipster are you? Find your inner hipster self with this post.
What kind of hipster are you? Find your inner hipster self with this post.

How to be a hipster? Which clothes define a hipster? Which fashion accessories do hipsters like? Do hipsters prefer long hair over short? Do hipsters follow the latest trends? Find answers to all these questions and more in the ultimate guide to being hipsters. This post stays away from cliché comparisons, satire and all other forms of criticism for the hipster way of life. From clothes to accessories to music to art to a way of life - Embrace the hipster within you. Learn how you can be a modern day hipster.

1) Be yourself: Hipsters never follow the masses and mainstream trends

One of the most prominent traits of hipsters is that they don't follow the masses. If you want to find out what it feels like to be a hipster yourself, shun mainstream trends and think on your own feet. Be a rebel without a hard-line cause.

From the clothes that you wear to the music you listen to, do things that you like to do and not what the masses deem appropriate. Being a hipster is all about exploring your individuality. Hipsters are known to be early adopters of different trends.

Must haves for the hipster look

2) Hipster clothing: Tips for guys and girls

While it is a common perception that hipsters shun big brands, it may not be the case always. The key is to be aware of what you wear without being too conscious about it. Casual, yet stylish.

Hipster clothes for guys

Tops: T-shirts with ironic messages, plaid shirts, checked shirts, paisley shirts, closed zip hoodies, polo neck sweaters, v-neck sweaters, sports coats, leather jackets, tweed jackets, double-breasted jackets, vintage jackets, sweater vests

Bottoms: Skinny jeans, cut-off denim shorts, chinos

Tip: Add layers to your clothing, especially your tops. For example, wear a plaid shirt over a t-shirt and top it off with a jacket.

Hipster clothes for girls

Tops: Flannel shirts, checked shirts, vintage tops, Bohemian style tops, polo neck sweaters, open zipped hoodies, unfolded turtleneck sweaters, cardigan sweaters, tweed jackets, double-breasted jackets, vintage jackets

Bottoms: Skinny jeans, high-rise skinny jeans, corduroys, multi-colored striped spandex, colorful leggings, high-rise shorts, tights under shorts, striped tights under denim skirts, Capri pants

Tip: Mix and match, innovate and re-use. Never throw away anything from your wardrobe. Alter and re-use old tops.

3) Hipster hairstyles and grooming

Hairstyles for guys can range from curtained hairstyles to long unkempt hair to a medium-crop out of bed look to mop-tops. Messy hairdos may be preferred. Guys who are hipsters are generally noted to have some kind of facial hair. Moustaches, stubble, beards and other quirky facial hair patterns are much acceptable.

Hipster girls can have a messy bun, quickly done ponytail, casual chignon, crop, fringe, shag, braids or hair that is simply left tousled over the shoulders.

4) Hipster accessories: Tips for guys and girls

Don't confuse being a hipster with not being trendy when it comes to your fashion aptitude. In fact it may be the other way round. Hipsters are very trendy and often have some of the most iconic choices when it comes to fashion, clothes and accessories.

Hipster accessories for guys

Eyewear: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, wide/medium framed nerd glasses with thick rims, dark sunglasses

Headwear: Flat caps, newsboy caps, trilby hat, fedora felt hats, pork pie hats, beanies

Others: Mufflers, sling shoulder bags, courier/messenger bags, old worn out leather bags, colorful socks

Footwear: Converse, flat-soled shoes, worn out sneakers

Hipster accessories for girls

Eyewear: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, wide/slim framed nerd glasses, aviator sunglasses

Headwear: Flat caps, fedora felt hats, boater hats, beanies, scarves, headbands, Peruvian hats

Others: Chunky indie jewelry, canvas bags, courier/messenger bags, old worn out leather bags, indie handbags, shawls, colorful striped socks

Footwear: Converse, flat-soled shoes, sandals, boots, Doc Martens, winkle pickers, ballet flats

5) Listen to music beyond mainstream bands: Explore music

A hipster is unlikely to be found blasting tunes from One Direction's Up All Night throughout the day. While hipsters don't necessarily shun mainstream music, being a hipster is all about being open to new music.

Make music a part of your life and daily routine. Explore the world of music and search for independent music labels, indie bands, struggling artists, retro music and more. The key is not to be blinded by one artist or one particular genre. Listen to music that makes you happy, not something that has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Hipsters are also very aware when it comes to their music choices. Visit music blogs and share your music tastes with friends and everyone else on social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your favorite bands.

6) Be active on social media: Use Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

You can't become a hipster if you hate social media. Have an account on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social media platform. Make friends, meet new people and share your life's journey with others.

There have been reports of how Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental in the latest Presidential elections. Social media has the power to change the world. Contribute to this evolving community positively and make an active effort to shun people who are trying to misuse this platform.

7) Avoid contact lenses: Glasses give you personality

Unless you have had corrective surgery or your profession demands you to wear contact lenses, embrace your glasses because they give a unique touch to your personality. Keep updating your frames every now and then so you can effortlessly add a touch of style to your look. Black rimmed eyewear like nerd glasses are a safe fashion bet from a hipster perspective.

8) Own at least one Apple product: Hipster love for Apple

Owning an Apple product is not about showing off that you are a geeky Apple fan. Buying at least one Apple product is all about getting the Apple experience.

Apple has reinvented the way we look at mobile phones and the company has played a pivotal role in shaping the future for technology and for humans.

Steve Jobs' vision has changed the way mankind will use technology in the future. Make sure you are a part of this revolution by owning at least one Apple product whether it is an iPad mini, the latest iPhone, iPod or the Mac.

9) Hipsters like to go local: Shop at local stores for unique stuff

The concept of being a hipster strives from doing things that the masses are unlikely to do and this spills out onto your shopping choices too. Explore quirky local shops and alleyway cafes to get a unique shopping experience that others are missing out on.

Go to your famer's market, flea markets and don't miss out on weekend fairs. These shops often depend on customers who believe in promoting locally produced goods as opposed to those shipped from overseas by big corporate giants.

10) Be connected: Own and know the latest in technology and personal gadgets

Hipsters are intellectual beings and are generally very up-to-date with the latest in technology, devices and gadgets. From android to iOS and from tablets to laptops, be aware of new gadgets and devices that affect your daily life.

Recycle your gadgets and buy new ones when your pocket permits. The hipster lifestyle is all about being connected. Gadgets like music players, smartphones and tablets are integral to being connected with everything and everyone out there in the 21st century.

11) Read: Hipsters like to read

From blogs by fellow hipsters to books by the most unheard of authors, get your hands on any and all the reading material you can. Spend time at the library and expose yourself to the world of books.

Hipsters are known to be intelligent, and thus stems the urge to feed the brain via books. Visit local book fairs and book shops to find new reads and catch up with fellow book lovers. If you have the time, start writing a blog of your own.

12) Embrace photography: Find expression and meaning in photography

Ever noticed how it is popularly believed that hipsters like to add effects like sepia on Instagram and upload random pictures? These images can be of something as vague as a crumbling building's facade to something as quirky as a coffee stain on a newspaper.

Even the simplest of pictures may have a lot of emotion and history attached. For example, a sepia picture of an alleyway may look uninteresting at first sight on an Instagram account. But a simple tag of #memories may show that the photographer has a lot of emotion attached to the alleyway. She could have had her first kiss over there or it could have been his favorite hang out spot for years.

If you don't have the means to buy a DSLR or a fancy new camera, use your iPhone to take pictures of unassuming subjects and objects. Use photography as a means to express.

13) Be an amateur arts connoisseur: Hipsters appreciate art and creativity

Hipsters are often very creative and arty. If you see yourself being one of them, be an art connoisseur. From iconic cult classics to foreign films, from guitar to beats and from poetry to stand-up, learn to appreciate all form of visual, audio, online and print media.

Hipsters are known to have a keen eye for all things creative. Develop a sense of appreciation for all types of arts and find like-minded people to share your findings with.

14) Move closer to the city centre: Hipsters like to live in urban spaces

If you want to be the true modern day hipster, live in an urban area. From the local cafe in a quaint alleyway to shops, markets and more - live within the modern day concrete jungle so you have everything at your fingertips.

Move to an urban area or preferably a large city if you have the means to do it. Getting an apartment in a trendy downtown area is possibly every urban hipster's dream.

Hipsters are known to be eco-friendly. Embrace this quality and start riding a bike yourself.
Hipsters are known to be eco-friendly. Embrace this quality and start riding a bike yourself.

13) Go green: Don't waste energy, embrace nature

To be a hipster, you need to be well aware of your carbon footprint on this planet. Learn how to stop wasting energy by implementing simple steps in your daily routine. Switch off the lights when you don't need them, switch off devices which are not being used, throw rubbish in the correct bins, don't litter and do all it takes to make your small difference to the future of this planet.

Ride bicycles to work if the commute isn't too long. To do your bit for the environment, you may even drive a hybrid car if your wallet allows it.

Try to include organic foods in your grocery shopping list. Be conscious about what you eat. If you have the time and space, plant a small veggie patch in your garden. You will be amazed at how fresh and delicious home-grown vegetables can be.

14) Be a dreamer: Hipsters are thinkers

Hipsters are known to be thinkers and are known to be intellectually aware. Sit with your hot cup of coffee by the window or on the balcony and ponder about your life. You will be amazed at how an unassuming activity can give such a vast amount of joy.

Introspect and retrospect. Dream about the days, weeks and years to come in your life. You may be on your way to stumbling upon the next big idea that could change the world.


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