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How to be a mysterious guy?

Updated on November 16, 2013
Mysterious artwork
Mysterious artwork

Why be mysterious?

Being mysterious does not only catch the attention of women. In a social group, being mysterious and calm gives the impression of maturity and independence. And overall, it makes you a more interesting person. However, one does not simply choose to be mysterious. You must not force yourself to be mysterious, you must enjoy being mysterious as well. Appreciate solitude and learn not to depend on other's approval.

Being mysterious is closely associated with being serious. A mysterious/serious person would be someone you wouldn't want to mess with, so do not expect others to open up a humorous conversation with you, or even crack a joke on you. Mysterious people get respect just because they can be intimidating.

To sum it up, here are the few advantages of being mysterious:

  • People will respect you and will most of the time take you seriously.
  • It is easy to identify people who are interested in you. They are the people who asks questions about you and try to get to know you.
  • You don't have to approach people to make friends. They will come to you and try to introduce themselves, that is, if you're mysterious enough.
  • You possess a heightened sex appeal!
  • People will actually try to entertain you.

Relaxing music


Things to remember

Here are the specific things that you should remember in order to have that mysterious image.

  1. Do not talk too much. Talk about yourself only if you are asked. Only give small, and incomplete details about yourself. Talking too much about yourself will give you away, and there goes all the mystery. Enjoy your privacy.

  2. Get in touch with your passions. Being mysterious will attract people to get to know you, so make sure that there is something to know about you. Spend time enjoying your hobbies or enhancing your talents.

  3. Practice being calm and serious. Try to control emotions such as excitement, anger, impatience, etc. Also, try to think rationally at all times.

  4. Do not be an open book. Practice having a blank expression on your face. However, if you feel like smiling, do so but do not show your full set of teeth. And if you feel like laughing, smile with your full set of teeth. The trick is to hold facial expressions a notch backwards.

  5. Be polite. Be respectful. Be kind. You want to earn people's favors, so it's a good idea to do some favors for them if they specifically asked for it. Remember, if you want to be respected, learn to respect others.

  6. Choose the music you listen to. As a mature and mysterious individual, avoid music that has obscene lyrics. Try to appreciate relaxing songs to get in touch with your artistic side.

  7. Be a good conversationalist. Contrary to not talking too much, being a good conversationalist is required to being mysterious. In cases when a conversation gets intriguing, you must also make sense and your words must have essence.

  8. Study. Invest in your knowledge. Be observant about the things around you, try to feel for others. Do not be a mysterious fool.

  9. Avoid colorful clothing. Be classy. Darker shades in clothing does help in maintaining a mysterious aura. Avoid clothing with immature designs.

  10. Fade into the night. Avoid prolonged goodbyes. Try to give less details about where you're going next or what you're going to do. If you're from a party or after class, just shut up and leave.

  11. Wear masculine perfume/cologne or body spray. Wearing a certain scent would give other people a small 'hint' of what to expect from you. It sparks interest, and it makes an encounter with you memorable. Choose wisely though. Ask for a close friend's opinion when choosing the one that suits you. And do not put on too much, just two sprays on your neck area is enough.

When you're faking it

Sometimes it's just doesn't suit a person's 'aura' to be mysterious. Some people is just better off with the jolly, 'everyone's friend' image. When it just takes too much pretense to maintain a mysterious image, or when you are somehow unhappy with your mysterious background, then let it go. Get real. Do not be a fake. Remember, you cannot find true friends with a fake personality. Being mysterious is not for everyone, being mysterious is only for those who enjoy it. Good luck!

© 2013 Romeo Antolin


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