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How to Be an Amazing Wife

Updated on January 21, 2015

A Lawfully Wedded Wife

When a woman decides to take that first step into building a real life together with a man that she is in love with, it is a very serious and important step for anyone to take. Being married involves many different things, such as maturing and becoming stable. During the wedding ceremony, there are vows that are spoken to the man from the woman. These vows should be sacred, sincere, and full of love because they represent a deep commitment from and to both spouses. After the wedding ceremony, the woman becomes a lawfully wedded wife. This means that by law, the wife is bound to her husband as one entity and it will take a lawful annulment or divorce to end the bond/marriage. Being married changes a woman because she is now responsible for another person's needs, feelings, and future. There are responsibilities and obligations to fulfill by and to a the wife. Making the marriage work each and every day is hard work. Dedication and motivation are difficult to maintain at times, but should always be first in the marriage in order for it to succeed.

A lawfully wedded wife should be aware that there won't always be rainbows and sunshine. There will be storms for the marriage to face and challenges to overcome. The more trouble a marriage faces can only make the marriage stronger, but only if the couple decides to work at it. Being married is the best thing in the world, other than having children. Many people don't take marriage seriously anymore, which is why America has such a high divorce rate. A lawfully wedded wife should act as such, with respect to her husband.

"I, take you, to be my wedded wife/husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.
"I, take you, to be my wedded wife/husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.

A Wife's Commitments to Her Husband

The vows that are spoken by the wife during the wedding ceremony consist of commitments that are made from her to her husband. These commitments are important to keep in order for the marriage to survive and have any chance at success. The most popular commitment from a wife to her husband is to have and to hold him for better or for worse, in good times and in bad times. There won't always be good times, but the wife should be there for her husband as a spouse and also as a best friend.

Another popular and important commitment that a wife makes during her wedding ceremony is to love and to cherish him. A husband needs to feel like he is needed and loved by his wife. This gives him the encouragement and motivation to be a good husband that provides for his wife and takes care of her. A wife loving and cherishing her husband daily can drastically reduce the chances of divorce or him cheating.

Finally, there is the commitment of being faithful and loyal. This means that the wife does not cheat or have any type of affairs, physical or emotional. Being faithful and loyal is an important quality for a wife to possess. Many husbands value this commitment, while most wives do not. Among all of the commitments a wife has to her husband, the most important is to be faithful.

A Wife's Role in Her Marriage

A wife has many different roles to fulfill within the marriage and each role varies depending on the country, religion, and culture. The traditional American wife has several different roles within her marriage. They cover a multitude of chores, duties, and responsibilities. Being a wife is much like a full time job with much overtime, but it is well worth the work. Some of the main aspects of a traditional American wife's role are:

  • To take care of her husband - this includes tending to his needs (physically, emotionally, and mentally) but also to respect and love him.
  • To take care of the home they share together - this includes cooking, cleaning, running errands, and paying bills; the husband shares this role with his wife but it is mainly her role if the husband is stably working full time.
  • To take care of the children - this involves changing diapers, baths, and feedings; the husband shares this role with his wife NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Working outside of the home has become more of a common role for a wife to fulfill because it can be difficult during these economic times for only one spouse to work, plus wives don't like to feel trapped within the home and within the marriage.

Your Husband

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A Husband's Expectations of His Wife

Husbands often high very high expectations of his wife, from her attitude to her way of doing things. Many husbands are often disappointed because his chosen wife is not what he expected after the wedding. The same is true for wives, but it is important for both husbands and wives to respect their spouse's expectations and to try to accomplish all of them. A husband's expectations of his wife should be reasonable, logical, and realistic. Many husband's expect very much from their wife, which is good for motivation, encouragement, and support to do better. Husband's expect their wives to keep her commitments to him at all times and fulfil her role as a wife. This means that wives should sacrifice and make their husbands happy because wives everywhere want the same thing from their husbands. Some of the most common expectations a husband has of wife are:

  • To cook and clean.
  • To look beautiful most of the time.
  • To keep the excitement going in the bedroom.
  • To be healthy and in shape.

How to Be an Awesome Wife

This hub is about being an awesome wife and exactly how to accomplish said goal. Listed below are some great ways to be an awesome wife to a husband who is deserving and shows the same qualities in return. Many wives may think that they are awesome already, but in reality are just too needy and/or too independent. Husbands need to feel that they are needed by their wife, but only in moderation. Husbands also need to feel that they have a life partner and a best friend that can be found only in his wife. Enjoy these cool and creative tips and even try them out tonight to see what a difference it can make in a marriage.

1. Be a Lady in Public and a Freak in the Bedroom.

This means that a wife should dress and act in a respectable way while out in public, with or without her husband by her side, but let out the freaky side only in the bedroom and only with her husband. Husbands everywhere love this and this will definitely make any husband more attracted to his wife. Some great tips for wives being a lady in public and a freak in the bedroom are:

*In public:

  • Dress and act conservatively.
  • Maintain mannerisms.
  • Squat instead of bending over.
  • Always sit with legs crossed at the knee or at least at the ankles.

*In the bedroom:

  • Spontaneously dress up in cute lingerie or a sexy costume.
  • Do new things and try new positions.
  • Be dominating and take control.
  • Attempt to fulfill husband's fantasies.

2. Stop Trying to Change Him.

It seems like wives are always trying to change their husbands, especially right after they get married. Wives try to make their husbands procrastinate less, be less lazy, and be more mature. The harder wives try to change their husbands, the more resentment and detachment starts to come from the husband. Husbands will start to pull away and will eventually become withdrawn from his wife and the from marriage completely. Husbands want to feel that they are loved and accepted for who and what they are, not for who and what their wives want them to be. Just like husbands can not change their wives, and wives do not like it when they try to, the same goes for husbands everywhere. Wives will never be able to change their husbands, no matter how much effort they put in. The only time any husband will change is if he wants to on his own. Having children may change husbands, but that is not always the case and it is just plain wrong to have children in hopes of a person changing. Wives should just love and accept their husbands as the man they fell in love with and married, or divorce him and move on.

3. Stop Getting Rid of His Stuff.

As most wives know, husbands refuse to get rid of anything or throw anything in the trash. They will keep many things that are old, worn, unnecessary, and that just collect dust. Wives are always trying to clean and keep everything tidy, but their husband's useless stuff seems to be everywhere. It is always a big deal when husbands go to get something of theirs and it is gone. This is when wives will lie about it or tell the truth, but then get into an argument about it. Wives should stop getting rid of their husband's stuff because then there would be less arguing and less drama.

4. Treat Him Like a King.

Many people commonly refer to a husband and wife as the king and queen of their castle. Since husbands treat their wives as queens, they want most to be treated like kings. Husbands want their wives to make them feel like they are the man of the house and they want to feel like they are important to their wives. Husbands want to feel their wives loyalty, trust, and respect everyday. Husbands also want to feel their wives appreciation for all of the hard work that they do. Wives that treat their husbands like kings are treated like queens. This ensures a happy, healthy, and committed marriage. Husbands need to feel needed by their wives, which encourages positive behavior and habits to form.

5. Support Him While He Leads the Marriage.

The husband is supposed to be strong, solid, and a leader of the marriage and the family. The wife should support her husband with encouragement, kind words, and love. This will lead to the husband making better decisions and also will make him feel more like a man. Husbands really don't like wives that are bossy and who try to act like the husband in the relationship. It is one thing to be an independent wife, but the husband needs to feel like he is the man in the marriage. Husbands are meant to be the head of the household, not the wife.

6. Remain Loyal and Respectful.

Loyalty and respect are two important qualities to a husband, but also to men in general. A husband wants his wife to remain loyal and respectful at all times. This includes no emotional and/or physical affairs, but also respecting the husband's opinions and decisions. Wives want their husbands to remain loyal and respectful, so a wife should treat her husband as she would want to be treated. This includes listening and also hearing what is being said. Loyalty is hard to find these days, so give him nothing but the best.

7. Stay Beautiful for Him.

Many wives will often "let themselves go" after getting married. They will not wear make up, dress up, or stay in shape anymore because they know that they have a man until death do them part. This is not the right attitude for any wife to have. Wives should continue to wear make up, dress up, and stay in shape for their husbands. Husbands want to be proud of their wives and many husbands want to show their wives off to the world, but it is difficult to do that when the wife is wearing sweatpants and a stained shirt. Wives should take pride in their appearance because many wives expect the same from their husbands. Continue to be the woman that he married and he will strive to do the same.

Tips from a Grandma on How to Be an Awesome Wife


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