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How to date an Indian (South Asian)?

Updated on November 13, 2012

To come close, to an individual, one should be aware of their background especially, if that individual is of a different ethnicity.

In order to date a South Asian, let’s go back in history of this individual’s allegiance and culture, and that will help get some common grounds to date an Indian.

South Asians belong to the Indian subcontinent, which cover most of the South Asia.

India was occupied by England in 1857, and they ruled until 1947. This introduced India to many English customs such as drinking tea, eating chips, enjoying a game of cricket.

Indians also follow their etiquette's such as greeting people; their kind of eating habits usually with a fork and a knife.

English was also introduced as a language in schools as a form of education and gradually people became affluent in this language. Today, English language is used in Government administrations and public places.

The largest spoken language in this country is Hindi, and there are about 422 million of people affluent in this language.

Many religions are practiced in this country. Infact, this is an extremely religiously diverse and tolerant country. Hindus constitute about 80.5% of the country followed by 13.4% Muslims, 2.3% Christians, 1.9% Sikhs followed by Buddhism (0.8%) and other religions. Most popular festival celebrated by Indians is Diwali.

Today this country is developing three folds in the fields of education, health care, information technology (IT). India does international and global trades and invests in business ventures, while outsourcing, human resources.

Rajma Chaval (red kidney beans curry with rice)
Rajma Chaval (red kidney beans curry with rice)
Chicken curry
Chicken curry
Jalebi Dessert
Jalebi Dessert
cricket is their passion
cricket is their passion
traditional sari
traditional sari
tradition dress on men
tradition dress on men


Indians when mingle amongst each other, they use the term, “Namaste” to greet each other. This is another way to say “Hello” Namaste is spoken at the beginning of a verbal communication. Two hands are joined together when saying this word and the hands can be folded when departing.

Namaste refers to, “divinity in me, salutes divinity in you”.

In most indian families, younger men and women are taught to seek blessings of their elders by bowing to them.


Food is an essential part in all cultures. Indian food is as diverse as the religions in India and many culinary styles are seen in this country. They vary from salads to spices and curries dipped in various kinds of breads. Desserts are found in plenty, in this culture. Some famous mouth watering meals are Rajma Chaval, Aloo Puri, Chicken curry. Delectable desserts are Kheer, Gulabjamun.


Popular styles of indian dress include draped garments such as sari for women, kurta/churidar for men.

Red bindi is also worn on the forehead by indian women. Women wear sindoor, a red traditional powder on the parting of their hair. That signifies that the woman is married.


Hockey is the national sport of this country but, Cricket is the popular sport of India. People literally sleep, eat, breathe in front of their television sets if there is a cricket match going on.


Music plays an integral part of this community. Indians love music, and they have it everywhere. Music surrounds marriage ceremonies. Music is seen in movies where the actor and actress sing songs and dance around trees.


Bollywood is famous amongst all Indians since, songs and music is a part of making movies.

Bollywood music

Above are the main characteristics of an Indian.

If you ever approach an individual of Indian origin, you will have quite a few things to rant about his background and am sure this will help you both get a common ground somewhere.

As you can see, an individual born in this ethnicity is respectful and has cultural values. This human values freedom, knowledge, hard work, appreciates wisdom and believes in karma and destiny.

Good luck!

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