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How to dump your boyfriend without feeling bad

Updated on October 20, 2010

Dump your boyfriend without any guilt

 The title is a bit misleading because the fact is that if you are a woman who wants to dump their boyfriend you will most likely feel a bit guilty for doing it, but there are ways, tips and things you can do to eliminate a lot of guilt. Some of these tips and ways may seem unorthodox but the truth is that breaking up is never easy to do, therefore if you are a woman feel free to follow some of these tips to elevate the guilt.

The first tip is to be honest with your current boyfriend. If you want to dump your boyfriend without feeling to much guilt than honesty is where it starts from. If you want somebody else than tell your boyfriend, if you aren't attracted or you fall out of love with your boyfriend than tell him, just always be honest with your boyfriend and this should help you feel less guilty.

The second tip is to dump your boyfriend face to face. Dumping your boyfriend face to face shows that you have at least some respect for him to do it to his face and not on the phone. Your boyfriend is going to hurt anyways but he would probably hurt more if you decided to dump him Via the telephone instead of doing it face to face.

The third tip is to be stern. When you are face to face with your boyfriend you need to tell him right away that you are dumping him, give him the exact reasons and simply leave things at that. Being stern should help you feel less guilty about dumping your boyfriend.

These tips should be of some value and of some good use. Good luck.


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    • profile image

      tillylee 6 years ago

      iv been with this boy for about 2 months im deffently in love but i dont know what to do its really hard for me because hes my brothers bestfriend and my brother doesnt know its really hard to get our own time togeather and its really hard to act normal like nothings wrong when we meet up.. we have been on a break now for about a week because we keep arguing like we are married.. i love him so much and cant stop thinking about him but what do i do because im really not happy. we always used to talk but now we dont i try talking to him on facebook but he doesnt put in any effort if you get what i mean.. i dont want to dump him i just dont want to feel like this its doing my head in.. what do i do?

    • profile image

      chasity 6 years ago

      There good tips but I can't tell my boyfriend face to face cause I will feel bad if he cries