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How to express love?

Updated on November 14, 2014

What is love?

Love : A word of four letters, but, even the whole world has been trying to learn the real meaning of it, ever. No one in this world, can show it completely.. Love is not a thing to happen, it is just a feeling that happens suddenly with out asking our permission.

How to express : But, expressing our love towards someone isn't easy all the time. Sometimes, we were unable to express our love, till the end. This silent love, leads to failure. There are different ways to express our love towards the person, whom we love.

But, as the world has been changing each and every second, we have to update our self according to this changing world and find some new way to express our feelings towards others.

But, One of the best fact I have learn in my life is "True Love, always need sacrifice."

Let us learnt the ways to express our love.

Ways to express our Love.

It is not a easy task to express our feeling towards someone, whom we love. But, there are some ways to show our love.

Writing a Love Letter : In olden days, people used to express their love with the help of a love letter. They will express all their feelings, their intentions and how far have they been loving. It was really a great thing, in those days. Sometimes, they used to write some humor things to grab the attraction of their Lover. But, the hardest task is "How to send that love letter?". They will search some person (may be their friends), to send that letter. Because, they don't have enough courage, to give that letter directly.

The important thing in writing a love letter is to attract the attention of the other person, with our words, our feelings and some times we must use good vocabulary to let them know, that we are efficient to love them. Some Girls expects some funny needs. So, It will be better to understand them completely, before writing a letter to them.

After sending their love letter to the desired person, waiting for a reply, is a necessary thing. It may be in the form of a smile or a love letter in reply. But, if the other person has no feelings towards us, they will simply reject our proposal. We can try for another chance, to let them know our true love towards them.

Love Letter

love letter, an easy way to express love
love letter, an easy way to express love | Source

Sending Text Messages

Though, Love Letter is an easy way to express our love towards someone. As we were in the age of technology, Using some kind of medium, to express our love towards that person is important. Sometimes, a mobile phone can become a medium between two persons to share their feelings.

Sending a text message with all your feelings gives some good results, if the other person, has also got some feelings towards you. Wishing them a message of good morning, sending a last message, every night saying "Good Night, Sweet Dreams, and take care." will show your care towards the other person.

A part from good morning and good night messages, you must be perfect in showing your love with all your feelings in the form of a text message. Sometimes, chatting with them will be a better idea to share your feelings.

If you really want to attract much more attraction, just try to collect as much information as you can about your love. Wishing them on the day of their Birthday, is one of the important aspect of any lover. To surprise them, wish them, when there is something special on that day, like your first meeting, your first love and much more things.

But, One of the strange facts I have came to know in these days was, Some people used to block the phone numbers of others, if they don't want to receive much more messages. They will be in contact with you, as long as they want to be with you. But, if they don't want your proposal, they will simply block you with out even informing you anything.

sending a love message, through mobile.
sending a love message, through mobile. | Source

Poem of Love

It may be a challenging task for any one, to write a poem of love. But It will surely attract your lover's attraction. You may not be a professional poet to write. But Poem of Love, just needs a nice arrangement of your feelings in words. You have to show your skills of writing, when creating a poem of love.

I haven't loved any one. So, I may not be aware of the real feelings of any lover. There are just some things, I have learnt from the books of Shakespeare and others. I might have read many love stories, But, even today, I don't know, how magic of Love happens in any one.

Poem of Love

True love never have endings
True love never have endings | Source

Sending an Email or Using Social Network.

One of the best alternatives, according to this modern world is to send an email or using some social networking website, to express your feelings towards the other person. Because You may not be having a mobile or your lover doesn't have a mobile. So, How can you be able to expect a reply to your text message? Even, if both of you have mobile phones, But, there might exists some problems of privacy. You don't want to spread your love to your friends, you want to keep it as a secret.

Then just express it, in the form of a long email, with all your feelings, filled in it. You can use as many words or feelings as you can, Because no one else, except your lover will read your message. After sending an email, you can wait for sometime, to let them think of you. They will send some reply to you as soon as they realize that, your love is true.

If you want more interaction with your lover, then Social Networking is perfect to you. It consists of lot more privacy options and you can check whether the other person were listening to your words or not. This is just a simple way to get instant replies. And you will have daily chats, when ever you finds your lover online, sometimes offline too. You can send her some poems, some funny messages and expressing the real feelings of your heart.

But, There is a problem in this way of expressing love. Because, If you send them an email, it is not necessary for them, to give you a reply, if they have no feelings towards you. Even, If were sending them a message through social networking website, then they may block you, if they don't to listen to your words any more. It just depends upon the better understanding of the both.

Email Love

expressing love through email
expressing love through email | Source

Giving a Surprise Gift

This is one of the richest way, to express your love towards your beloved ones. Because, a surprise gift is not an easy task to select. Because, If you want to surprise your lover, then you must know some interesting facts about your lover and their interests.

A gift doesn't needs money, but a true heart. Because, Recently, I have heard something strange in the internet.

"A boy tried to propose his girl with 99 i phones, which he has bought as a mark of his love. But, surprisingly, the girl rejected his proposal."

Never expect that some one will love, if you buy them a costly gift. Because a gift should just be a token of your love. It is not sure that your proposal will be accepted, if you send them some costly gift. Sometimes, even a small doll can express your love towards the other person and even they may accept your proposal, if they have love towards you. Sometimes even a product of million dollars cannot make your proposal, accepted by the other person.

So, To attract the attention of your lover, its better to understand them completely, before sending them a gift. Because, Sometimes, it will give bad experiences.

Surprise Gift for your beloved one.

Surprising gift
Surprising gift | Source

True Love can be expressed through Eyes.

Basically there is no definite way, how to attract any one? But true love can be expressed through eyes. If you want to know whether the other person loves you or not? Just look into their eyes, you will definitely understand the meaning of their eyes.

Sometimes, a smile combined with eyes, can express your love towards someone. Because, eyes speak more words. It can express any kind of feelings from our heart. If we really love anyone, with all our heart, tears will always rolls down from our eyes, when ever the other person, tries to stay away from us.

Silent love, never needs a medium to communicate with the other person. Eyes will always looks for them. They will get some kind of signal, when the person is around us. When ever we look at them, there will always be a smile on their lips. Sometimes they tries to hide their lips, just to make fun of us, But, their eyes can hide their feelings.

If you love them truly, just ask them to look deep into your eyes. if they can understand the feelings of your heart. Then it is sure that, they were also in love with you. But, they were waiting for some right time to express their feelings.

Tears from Eyes, indicates true love

True love can be seen through eyes
True love can be seen through eyes | Source

A small story, of True Love

True Love also fails.

I might have read many love stories and even, I have seen many love stories. But most of them were failure love stories. I don't know what was the actual reason, behind those failures. But I have learnt that most of the love stories, will be failures.

In the story of "Romeo and Juliet", we will find Romeo, killing himself assuming that, Juliet was died. Later, Juliet came back to senses and she has done the same thing, as Romeo was no more alive. During my journey of love, I have seen many failure love stories of my friends. There were lot many reasons, why they have met with a failure?

Love is a great feeling and only a few will get it, in their life. And we are not sure, whether we will get true love or not. If we are lucky, we will definitely get true love. But, some people will love fake people, who just plays with their life.

Even If your love is true, it is not a necessary thing that, you will be in contact with your lover, through out your life. There may arise some conflict in between you, which breaks your relationship.

Even If you failed in love, Its not a right thing to commit suicide. Because, Love is a great feeling, which will happen only once in our life time. Killing our self, for others is not an appreciable thing. If you love someone, then you must have enough heart, to accept their mistakes and forgive them. Even, If they left you, don't try to take revenge on them. Because, there might be having many reasons, behind their inability to continue their relationship with you. Just leave them, and live your life with their memories.

What if they try to get back to you, after a long time? If you love someone, you have to forget and forgive their mistakes. Just accept their love, towards you. Even, when you were in hard situations. Realize the fact that, not every love story will be successful. Its just a part of your life.

Life goes on, what may come. You may have the right to express your love. But, don't expect love from any one. Because, it is their own opinion, whether to love you or not?

So, How you have expressed your love, to your boyfriend or girlfriend?

How will you express you love?

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    • profile image

      kranthi 2 years ago

      nice ra.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile image

      Sai Chaitanya 3 years ago from INDIA

      I have learned it from the book, I have read and with the experiences of my friends. I might have not known much about love.

    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      You know so much about love

    • chaitanyasaivb profile image

      Sai Chaitanya 3 years ago from INDIA

      primegifts, I may not say that you are stupid. But, You must have expressed your feelings, to make them know you. Because, With out conveying them, you have passed days and nights. Even, Its not late for you, to express your love. Express your love even today.

    • profile image

      primegifts 3 years ago

      Love is blind and deaf as well, I buried my feelings in my heart silently and started passing my days and nights without trying to convey anything to my love, am I stupid?

    • chaitanyasaivb profile image

      Sai Chaitanya 3 years ago from INDIA

      DDE, thanks for the comment. I am just thinking of finding some new way apart from the above, mentioned.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Love can expressed in the most simplest of ways. Your suggestions do make a lot of sense.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile image

      Sai Chaitanya 3 years ago from INDIA

      online4, thanks for sharing the scientific reason, behind falling in love. I haven't heard it earlier.