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Soul Mate, the Romantic Lover

Updated on June 21, 2015

Seeking your Soul-mate?

Soul- Mate Catastrophes

Soul-mate, a term analogous to happy-ever-after, has attributed to the crazy chasing for this elusive being. The one in the fairytale, who will embrace and love you forever. That one who won’t hurt you. Who will never lie, cheat or physically harm you. Are you nodding your head? Is this ringing a bell?

These types of fairytales are leaving people ending up feeling empty handed, exhausted and finally they have placed their heart into an iron-clad cage. There are volumes of information at your disposal explaining what a soul-mate is, and how to find yours. If you have read even a few, you will have noticed there is a broad difference of opinions in what a soul-mate is. As far as how to attract one, there have been recorded a variety of methods. This hub will view soul-mate in a different light. One, most likely you haven’t thought about. First though let me give you my definition of a soul mate, and my credentials.

Me working as a psychic and medium on A1Psychic Radio
Me working as a psychic and medium on A1Psychic Radio | Source

What actually is a Soul-mate?

My credentials come under the umbrella of being a professional medium/channeler for forty odd years, who now is retired. My connection to my spirit guides have unveiled what a soul-mate is. One of my spirit guides is my deceased husband.

Soul-mate is an entity who is part of our own soul-group. Another way to view a soul group is to see them as our eternal family. There are many, whom we will encounter throughout a lifetime. They have made an agreement, prior to this incarnation, to aid you with one of the lessons you have chosen to learn. They often come as a culprit, and will disturb the foundation of your life. In my sixty decades of living, there have been many soul-mates doing an excellent job, and I am positive I have fulfilled my obligation for others. A soul-mate comes into your life in different venues. They can be a family member(s), friends and even a significant other. Each will hold a piece of your heart, as it is ripped. Each will help you to learn how to love, without going to the extreme of locking your heart up, in an iron-clad vessel. You too are helping others to learn what love is, and how to stay open to loving. We are all on the job.

What about the fairytale? What about that one true love? Have I been chasing an elusive butterfly? Is life so cruel that that special true love was only a dangling carrot? No. it’s real. You just don’t understand what it is. This has caused you to seek patterns that have aided in crippling you. You’re seeking a soul-mate to fulfill this purpose, and it will always leave you empty handed. It has a different function. Let me introduce you to the Soul-dreamer.



Soul-Dreamer the Fairy Tale

What is a Soul-Dreamer? It is person who carries the same dream as you. Vibrates at the same level of passion as you. Their life mission intertwines with your life-purpose.

Sounds great? Unfortunately, most of us walk through life like zombies, without any idea of what our life purpose is. We live in a day- to- day existence that is mass confusion. Each day we silently seek for something or someone to fix us. We don’t seek to share our love, but to be fixed, or at times to fix another. In the end of our journey with them, we have been sucked dried, and left with an empty shell of misery. We noticed our heart has again been ripped. A piece of it went with that person. We never have found our soul-dreamer, only several soul-mates. We run this course, until we figured out that we have been doing something horribly wrong. Usually at this point, our over-all lesson about love, is awakening within us. The awakening begins to drive us to discover our passion. We start to strum a different note. We begin to see life as our own sacred corner of living, and host a passionate example of being. We want life. We do not settle for excuses and negativity. Our dream broadens, and begins to sweep out the old, as new roads join our sacred space. We love life. We need to create love, in some form, from deep within us. We discovered the fairytale was always within us. Our heart isn’t ripped any more. We are now living a dream, which opens a road to one’s soul-dreamer-one who carries the same fairytale and dream as you.

Interested in meeting your Soul-Dreamer?

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Dreaming the Dream

Soul-Dreamer is connected to all forms of love. It is love.

Soul-Dreamer reaches beyond the soul-mate contract. It doesn’t offer those types of lessons, which you agreed upon with soul-mates, prior to this incarnation. Instead it is our connection to all forms of love, within a romantic union. Here we blossom both as a ‘we’, as well as a ‘me’. Taking both of these aspects, we learn how to work in unison, with each other, so we can continue on our joint life-purpose creation. Passion breaths through both of our veins, in the physical, mental, emotional and our spiritual connection. Our union is not surface any more, but multi-dimensional. We become fireworks in the making. Passion is what moves us, as we both embrace each other. The soul-dreamer glides beside us, on a bridge of ecstasy, as our soul purpose excels through each other. We become a team, each needing to help each other excel. We feed each other’s’ mind, body and spirit, without crippling the other. To harm the other would be unthinkable. Our partner’s happiness is not dependent on us, but shared with ours. We aren’t energy vampires any more, looking for constant validation. Those are traits a soul-dreamer doesn’t hold. They are free from those chains that had bind them, thanks to their soul-mates, from the past.

Why haven’t we found them yet? They don’t exist in the old mental conception of fairytales. We need to seek them through the state of love. Love that is given freely and unconditionally. Love that embraces all aspects, even the shadow self. It differs from soul-mate, because the lesson is not there. It is a joint effort of becoming the journey itself. This soul-dreamer can become our spouse, significant other or companion, who journeys with us until death do us part. It isn’t unusual to have more than one. When death comes, another will step into our path, after our heart has left its iron-clad cage. If it doesn’t, we will be on the merry-go-round of lessons, brought to us by soul-mates. Future hubs will be dedicated in helping those who seek to discover the dreamer inside them, so they can attract their soul-dreamer.

As stated earlier, one of my spirit guides is my late husband. Our relationship was based on a soul-dream. We both had a life-purpose and vision. We still are working on it. I miss the physical him at times, but my heart isn’t ripped. My soul has passion, love and life, and it is open to the possibility of another soul-dreamer entering my physical realm. Love doesn’t die. It shouldn’t be locked into an iron-clad box. It is love. Love really is all there is. Future hubs will be dedicated in helping those who seek to discover the dreamer inside them, so they can attract their soul-dreamer.

Please feel free to leave a comment, or to ask any questions.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      3 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Charlotte for your reply. Yes, I had this with my late husband. there such a difference between a soul mate and a soul dreamer. The dreamer walks the same journey, life purpose, you do. Perhaps not in the same fashion, but both are open to each other's means. It actually carries the passion of unconditional love, verses the passion of dysfunction.

    • profile image

      Charlotte Hoover 

      3 years ago

      My hubby is my soul dreamer. I often tell folks; those who don't know us well, think we are the perfect couple, those who know us very well wonder how we could still be together after over 30 years. We are, in many (most) ways total opposites. I'm a Pisces, he's an Aries and we are DEFINITELY archetypical of our signs. We don't generally work well together on mundane tasks because we see solutions to problems differently. We're like that Johnny Cash song... we got married in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout. We disagree, to at least some degree, on just about everything mundane so sometimes troubleshooting minor issues can take a loooong time for us to come to an agreement.

      BUT... we share the same dreams, the same desires from life. There is no problem too big that we can't face. Put a major adversity in front of us and we are an unstoppable team who works together like a finely tuned sewing machine. Hubby challenges me, he has more faith in me than I have in myself and I kind of like to think he feels the same way about me. Actually, I'm sure he does, in his own way


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