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How to get Over Inferiority Complex in Case of Man and Woman

Updated on July 20, 2018

This write up might sound familiar, yes it is familiar but I want to be more practical about it. Many authors have defined Inferiority Complex in diverse ways. Inferiority complex is a feeling people develop mostly right from childhood; may be they have been put down by their parents, probably people have told them that they are not good enough, you know and they believed it and that sense of inadequacy has been with them and they carry it on as they grow.

Feeling Not Pretty Enough


Causes of Inferiority Complex

Feeling Of Not Pretty Enough

Probably, you are not one of the finest girl and guys were not always walking up to you to approach you or propose to you, you are not one of those girls they will come up to and toast in the class you understand what am saying. You know, mostly ladies, kind of enjoy guys chasing them when they seem not to notice you, you would like, what is wrong with me. There are some ladies who that really gets to them; they would never discuss this with anybody, they just run crazy within themselves, they feel like the world is over and then they began to see themselves as not pretty enough.

Effects of Inferiority Complex

Feeling Rejected

Guys also are not left out in this situation, when they walk up to a lady and proposed to her and she refused or rejected their proposal, wow it hurt them a lot. Ben shared his experience, he said; “there is this girl I met one day, she looks so hot and beautiful too, I decided to talk to her but after everything she refused, I felt really somehow bad.” It's normal to feel bad but it's abnormal if you allow that one incident of rejection to stuck into your head, you need to shake it off and move on.

This inferiority complex happens to men when they approach a lady and she refused, they will be like what happened? And before your eyes another guy approaches the same lady and she accepts and this guy is not as rich as you are, not as handsome as you are but he get that same lady before you. What happened to their brain that does not happen to others who couldn’t get them? Life happened, and that is life for you, it was not because you are not better than those who get them before you okay, don’t think about it too much. But it might as well be your fault huh! Continue reading and you will find out why.

Effects Of Inferiority Complex


How People Develop Low Self Esteem

What could be the problem why some people find it difficult to face challenges and how do others overcome challenges/inferiority complex they encountered? How do they overcome it in the case of man and woman?.

An Inferiority complex is something that people develop from childhood or as they grow up. May be they have been put down by their parents, probably people have told them that they are not good enough, you know. Phillip not his real name shared his experience “I grow up in a family where I discuss with my parents when I was a kid. Whenever I have a problem I discuss with them like an adult, so I don’t feel anything like inferiority, I am not scared of anything.

And when I got to the age of getting married, I boldly approached my wife; she is smart, beautiful and classy. I met her in a café and walked up to her and say ‘do I buy you a coffee?’ and she said, ‘I already have my coffee’ and I said ‘okay, can I buy you another kind of coffee?’ and she laughed and you know when she just laughed you know you have entered.” Some men would have given up on the first try or got stuck not knowing the next line of words to use but Phillip did not give up, he made use of his sense of humour you know.

Reasons People Find It Difficult To Face Challenges

Alcohol: Some men usually take alcohol before approaching a lady. And remember when you are under the influence of an alcohol you are not in control but the alcohol. Taking alcohol before going on a stage or before approaching a lady shows that you are not a man of your own.

Fear: inferiority complex is just a fear of failure, some of this start from the background, the family you came from, if your parents don’t give you the independent mind to make your own choices. As a child is growing, he/she should be given an independent mind and should allowed to make mistakes, let him/her make some mistake and see if he/she would be able to correct it and when he/she is unable to correct it, you can then put him/her through, allow your children to have some kind of freedom to make decisions on their own and that does not mean you shouldn't be watchful to guide them to the right part.

Fear of the unknown, who knows, if I do this or that what would happened and then as a result, you just sit there and do nothing. One speaker once said “Fear is a false expectation against reality”. You need to adjust and determine to work on yourself, learn to face your fear heads on.

Bulling: is another factor which contribute a lot in making some people feel inferior to others and don’t let anyone get to you by bulling you. There are some people who build themselves up by talking others down and it’s very wrong. Your bulling people doesn't make you a superman rather it shows that you lack confident in yourself. You need to realize that you are a person of your own; you are just like any other person out there in terms of qualities and as well in terms of potentials.

Negative Energy: there is this quote that says “No one can make you inferior without your prior permission.” Your behavior or attitude is what sends signal to others who in turn takes advantage of that and influence you in a wrong way. Hanging around negative people or friends who will always tell you 'it cannot be done, you are not good enough or you are not good at anything' and in your subconscious you would be thinking that way, and got stuck. You need to get away from them, negative energy is contagious, the Manual of life says as a man thinketh in his heart so he is. Negative people attract negative energy around you, so run! run!! run!!!

How to get over inferiority complex

Practical Tips On How To Overcoming Inferiority Complex

Acknowledgement: To overcome inferiority complex you must understand that you have a handicap somewhere and determine to handle it. You are the one that will create the confident and one of the things that will help you build up your coolness is knowledge and your exposure, avoid being on your own, mix with positive people.

Choice of Dress: Dressing sharply, when I say sharply, I mean something decent especially when you are going out, put on the clothes and colours you like. It would help to boost your confident. When you put on your best clothe, you would feel on top of the world in a good way not in arrogant manner.

People to avoid: You need to distance yourself from friends who do not see anything good in you; who always look down on. Those types of friends who do not appreciate your person, they are not good for your well being.

Posture: The way you walk is another factor, maintain a good posture when you walk and sit, for example folding your hands while sitting in front of someone, may seem like you are not comfortable or confident enough. Therefore you should learn to compose yourself very well.

Positive Attitude: Inferiority complex is a thing of the mind and it can be conquered in the mind. And you can develop a positive attitude. You should always remember what people use to say “do the things you care about and the fear of death is certain” it’s should be a back up for you. You should learn to take charge of your life.

You need to hang around positive people, when you spend your time with positive people, it helps to boost your immune system, it boost your confident, it makes you feel better and bit by bit it helps your emotion; it helps you overcome heartbreaks. You need to get away from negative people so that when you meet negative energy you can easily and quickly counter, defeat and break it. Spend your time with people who believe in you, and who believe in life. Who believe in possibilities, you need to spend much time with positive people because it helps.


Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Understand Your Weak Point(s): There are two types of people introvert and extrovert. Learn to assert yourself, whether you are introvert or extrovert, and when you’ve succeeded in discovery yourself, it would go a long way in helping you cope and deal with any weakness. Don’t give up on yourself, you can overcome inferiority complex by building your confident by accepting yourself the way you are.

Always listen and read motivational messages.

Put on a smiling face: Like they say, “smile is contagious”. When you walk up to people or walk into any place put on a smiling face , when people smiles back at you, it brightens the atmosphere around you.

Compliment: Learn to compliment others, say something nice to people.

Join a group that will help build your confident. Joining a group will help build your self-esteem, try as much as possible to voice out your opinion without fear. Through your contributions in the group, you will experience the feeling of fulfillment which will brighten your life.

Don’t be afraid of make mistakes, because mistakes make you stronger.

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem


Taking Charge of Your Life

Be Open Minded: Don't be so serious all the time and also do not allow your pride to come first, loosen up a bit mind you people are attracted to people with free spirit. Men who intend to approach a lady should be bold and lively. Ladies admires men who are humorous and so you need to be creative and I bet that is the key to most ladies' heart.

Communication: Communicate more with people even in a meeting, don’t bother whether they would like what you want to say or not and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think before saying anything either.

Take Charge of your life: Nobody will talk you down without your permission. No matter what anybody do or say, what contributes to yourself worth is what you say about yourself.

Take note that it’s not what others say about you that count, it's what God says about you and what you say about yourself that counts. Do not allow what anybody say define or get to you, shake it off. Have you ever watched water runoff a duck's back? That is exactly how you should treat unkind words or comments, just shake it off and move on.

How to get over Inferiority Complex in the case of man and woman


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  • Benny01 profile imageAUTHOR

    Ijeoma Peter 

    4 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Wonderful comment there @ dashingscorpio, thanks for reading my hub.

  • dashingscorpio profile image


    4 years ago

    Rejection is just part of life. Nobody gets every job, man, or woman that they want. Hopefully with age comes wisdom.

    You made some excellent points about reading and listening to motivational materials. However as the old Whitney Houston song says:

    "The Greatest Love Of All is Learning to Love Yourself".

    Too many people allow outside circumstances to determine their value. If he/she doesn't want me then I must not be worthy of anyone. They ignore the fact that there are over 7 Billion other people on this planet!

    Adopting the attitude that everything happens for the best in the end or "If it's meant to be it will be" can save one a lot of heartache.

    In order for him/her to be "the one" they'd have to see (you) as being "the one". "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

    - Oscar Wilde


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