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How to get back with your ex boyfriend

Updated on May 8, 2011

You aren't the first one to have a relationship, that you where totally committed to, fall apart. The truth is that some girls do get back with their boyfriends, some don't try to get him back, while others try but fail.The question is: What do girls that get their boyfriends back do differently?

This article is all about showing you how to get back with your ex boyfriend.

Are you really committed to getting your boyfriend back?
Putting a relationship back together isn't easy. Emotionally it can be very draining. Before you decide to do it you need to be absolutely sure. Ask yourself: "Are you meant to be together?" and "Does he really make you happy?"

Don't make the classic mistakes?
It's probably too late for quite a few of you, but here's what not to do. Typical behavior would be to eat a large amount of ice cream. Then you call your friends to go out. You get stone drunk and then you call your ex. It being the middle of the night his phone is turned off, so you leave 50 messages.

This just convinces him that you are crazy and no one wants a crazy girlfriend. Being dumped can really damage your confidence. That along with some emotional eating can really reduce your desirability to your ex.

It's however never too late to turn things around.

Getting the right help

Though I can discuss some good tips on how to get back with your ex boyfriend. I can't really get into much detail. Fortunately there are some very good programs, available online, which goes into great detail and walks you through a strategy step, by step.

Best ways to get your ex boyfriend back
Best ways to get your ex boyfriend back

Be all you can be

You can't make your ex love you or want you. All you can do is to make yourself appealing and available to him. He has to decide that he wants you back for himself.

You will certainly run into either him or people he talks to, in your daily life (if not make it happen). It is important that you look as good as you can and that you express yourself in a confident way, when you do see one of them.

1. Be presentable at all times. Dress well but not over the top. Same goes for makeup, use it but don't go overboard. Always aim to look your best.
2. Be healthy. Make time for exercise, every day, even if you just go for a walk. Eat healthy, get plenty of fruit and fiber in your diet. Make sure you get enough sleep.
3. Work your smile. Practice smiling in the mirror. Then use it when you talk to people.
4. Avoid BO. Wear cooler clothes on warm days. Also use some deodorant when it gets warm. Don't eat too much food with garlic or strong spices, it can make your sweat smell.

What to do if he won't return your calls

He may feel that a clean break is the best thing. So he stops returning your calls. Getting communications back up, after a breakup, can be a major part of getting your guy back.

You can't just text your ex boyfriend messages like "I miss you" or "I still love you" and hope he responds. He already knows this and it's not going to get him to call you.

You need to leave a message which will use his imagination to get him to call you. Something like: "There is something you should know…I don't think I can leave this on your voice mail." It won't be long till he really feels the need to know what you are talking about.

Rebuilding your relationship

Say you have had a breakup. Then you moved into being friends. So you have communication going. How do gear it back into a romantic relationship?

At this point I suggest you make a list of things that bring you together and another list of things that push you apart. The time you spend together alone ; might be something that brings you together, while fighting about money might be something that pushes couples apart. Focus on improving that which brings you together and reducing or eliminating that which breaks you apart. It is more about improving these elements of your relationship than just increasing it.

For instance when you are just getting back into a relationship you need to be careful not to smother it. Make sure that the line of communication is slow but sure. Limit the amount of time you spend with him, to show him that you respect his personal space.

What keeps couples together?
What keeps couples together?

I hope that you find our practical tips in how to get back with your ex boyfriend useful in getting your relationship back on track.

Overcoming your emotions can be hard to do.
Overcoming your emotions can be hard to do.


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    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      if the guy's worth it, why not work on getting him back? but deciding on getting back with your ex poses a danger, too, i believe. some men can act weird and take advantage of the situation if they feel that you are really dying to have them back.