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How to get him to do what you want

Updated on April 24, 2014
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

Get him to do what you want

How do you get your boyfriend to do what you want without nagging him, bribing or negotiating with him?

Forget the fighting, nagging, arguing, shouting and tears as this will get you know where but frustrated in a hurry!

Manipulation and negotiating can give you what you want but it is temporary and you will have to go through the same things over and over again.

Good relationships have compromise and that does help when you both have very different ideas.

If you really want him to do what you want, when you want then here are a few easy steps to follow to have him eating out of your hands.

When trying to get your man to do what you want, remember that this is the person that you love and compromise is fair
When trying to get your man to do what you want, remember that this is the person that you love and compromise is fair

Tips on how to get him to do what you want

Women have been getting their own way with their partners for years and most of us wonder how they get it right.

Wonder no more as here are the secrets that those intelligent women have given up.

Play all your cards and do it the old fashioned way by using your female charm and everything else you can to make him do what you want.

This is the man that you love so you know him well enough to know what makes him weak at the knees. Use this to your advantage when you need to have your own way.

Avoid manipulation and arguments to get what you want, nagging is not necessary and you can get him to do what you want the old fashioned way.

Let him be the hero

Act innocent and sweet, tell him everything that you think he wants to hear.

Bat your eyelashes and play the damsel in distress as this will butter him up for you to make your move and ask for what you want, without having any problems or arguments.

Your man will not be able to say no to the sweet, innocent and flattering women, who has complimented him all day.

Use that female charm to the fullest by batting yor eyelids, giving him a seductive look and making him feel as though he is the hero no one else can beat.

Use what he loves to your advantage

Find out what your boyfriend loves and before you need to get what you want, bring him his favourite chocolate, music or whatever it is that he loves.

Once you have given him his favourite thing, you can then ask him to do what you want with ease and it will be extremely difficult for him to turn you down.

Intelligent women know how to get their men to do what they want, the old fashioned way
Intelligent women know how to get their men to do what they want, the old fashioned way

Turn your idea into his idea

Naturally this can be very difficult but for an intelligent woman to convince her boyfriend that her idea is actually his idea, is priceless in getting him to do what you want.

Put your idea out there and let him think that it was his idea to begin with, praise him and thank him for such a fantastic suggestion.

He will secretly know that it was not his idea but if he is getting praised for it then he will just go along with it.

By making him believe that he has won a situation, you can achieve anything with his blessing.

Be honest and let him know how much it would mean to you

Nagging is so unattractive and must be avoided when you want him to do something. In a nice way all you have to do is let him know how important it is for you and that you would be very grateful to him. Obviously a man that loves you will not be able to refuse a sweet and truthful request for the woman that he loves.

Kisses and kindness

Start from the minute you open your eyes. Let him know how sexy he is, how good he looks and smells and keep at it all day.

When the afternoon comes to a close then you can sit him down, kiss him, look into his eyes and go in for the kill by asking him to do what you want.

He won't refuse a woman that has made him feel good all day and will definitely do what you want.

Be flirty and play the damsel in distress to get him to do what you want
Be flirty and play the damsel in distress to get him to do what you want

The key to getting what you want without him thinking that he has given in

Intelligent talk and investigation will convince your partner that he has won, when in fact you have done it in such a way, that it is you that has directed him to what you want.

Complicated? Not really here are a few ways on how to do it.

You need to know exactly what you want and why you want it. Make sure that you have a valid reason for what you want before you ask for it.

If your partner wants something else then you need to find out why. For example; you might want to escape for a weekend away at the beach and he would like to take the family camping. Let him know exactly why you would like a beach holiday and find out why he wants to go camping.

Listen to his reasons and confirm that you have heard him correctly, then let him know what interests you would like to satisfy.

Once you have both had your say, you then ask him if he understands why you would like to do what you want to do.

This helps with relationships as for most, men think that women do not listen and women feel that men do no hear them.

Have a brain storming session in order for both of you to satisfy your needs and do not agree on something that you ae not going to be happy with, it must be good for the both of you.

Don't give up until you are both happy with what you have decided on.

How do you get him to do what you want?

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Instead of negotiations that will make a woman go blank on the spot, only to find that your man has negotiated his way out of whatever it is that you have wanted, compromise is a better option.

The "I will do this if you do that for me" doesn't work out for one of you and in a serious relationship, that isn't fun if it happens continously. Compromise works and you could both find a happy medium that makes everyone happy.

When compromising to get what you want, remember that you are talking to the person that you love and that he is more important than anything you ask him to do.

Things to avoid when getting him to do what you want

Nag, nag, nag is a no, no ,no!

There is nothing worse than listening to someone beg and plead and nag you for something, so avoid doing it as it will be easy for him to say no this way.

Don't bribe him to get your way as this is how your relationship will go all the time and he will also use this method to get you to do what he wants too.

Manipulation works for a little while but it is not fair to the people that you love. It is a temporary way to get what you want and it won't build a solid relationship.

Getting what you want is easy if you love each other you are both fair.

Should you never get him to do what you want him to do then he probably isn't the right guy for you and would probably be considered as controlling.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you! I also feel that simply asking is a good way to get what you want as communication is extremely important.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Well, you have some interesting suggestions on this topic. I can see how they would help get some results. I tend to just ask my hubby up front and then we talk about what works best for both of us.


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