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How to Get Respect from Your Man

Updated on December 1, 2016
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The commentary in this piece was conveyed to me by Maya Zivkovic, a smart and dear friend from Serbia who wanted to share her thoughts.


Not getting the respect you deserve from the man in your life? You may need to change your approach. Men rarely treat women the way they deserve and respect is something that each one of us deserves. To be treated like a lady. One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is that your man doesn't respect you. To be respected as a lady, you first have to be aware that you really are a lady, and you have to behave like one.

There are some tips that can help you with that …

[Author's Note] The content in this piece was brought to me by author Maya Zivkovic, a writer from Serbia who lacks the technology to post it herself. I have transcribed her thoughts on her behalf.

10. Show Your Confidence

If you do not feel confident, then you need to at least pretend. Confident people seem like they love life and it is much more pleasant experience! Confidence attracts attention and respect, and even if you have to make an effort to look like that - it is definitely worth. And it has been proved that if you "fake "something for a long time, that in time you really start to feel like that. So be positive, appreciate and be confident in yourself because that way it's so much less likely to attract the person who will not treat you well. Start gradually to build and express your sense of security, very soon you will notice that people around you watch you differently and that the people near you find you far more fun and form a communication with you. Therefore you will look better and feel better about yourself too.


9. Be Who You Are

Quality relationship are built on honesty, so be what you really are and do not allow anyone to make you into something you are not. Be proud of everything you have achieved in life and confess your mistakes when you make them. Appreciate your individuality, your own interests and your friends.

If he does not like your hobby or friends, then you should devote to them without him. There are not many men who will hold it against you, in fact, most will be happy if you have your own interests and you do not depend too much on him (they often find that annoying). Of course, you should not go to the other extreme and neglect him. As everything in life, and relationship requires compromise. But do not lose yourself just because you're in a relationship. After all, the way you are, it initially attracted him to you, or not?


8. Remain a Lady

The modern age has brought many changes in the male-female relationships. So it is now quite normal, and some experts might say, desirable that the woman should be the one who will make the first step. However, to keep it traditional leave it to him. Let him be your Prince Charming. Men like to take the initiative and decide when is the ideal time to call you out. In general, men need to feel strong and like to take these protectiveness and heroic attitudes to women. They also feel better so stay the lady that you were born to be.

7. Stay Mysterious

This is a big deal. We all have a past. During the courting phase, men will learn more about you. Until then, do not reveal too much, which is a common mistake that women make. It is important to be open and honest in a relationship, but you have to allow your connection to develop before you get too open. This especially applies during the time that you are really falling for him. If you are going out for two weeks and you think he might be the right one, do not tell him that. If after two weeks you start to fantasize about marriage and children, slow down and find something that will turn your thoughts. You cannot completely know anyone overnight. If you find yourself in that mindspace, you are missing some key information.


6. Trust Is Very Important

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. You have to trust your partner in order for your partner to trust you. Lack of trust can lead to arguments, break ups, broken hearts, etc. And nobody likes that, right? Sure, sometimes you may get suspicious, but just do the right thing and keep your trust for him/her. Trust is definitely another key to a good relationship. Men do not like suspicious girls. If you cannot trust him then this is not the relationship for you. Do not spend time wondering where he was or digging in his pockets and cell phone. Do not allow yourself to bother him with dozens of calls and messages per day. Nobody likes that. Also, you should not constantly ask him questions about the future. Trust in him, and if you already suspect something- clear it out immediately (and trust your instincts).

5. Act and Look like a Lady

Men like women in the truest sense of the word. Allow him to be the man in the relationship. Be sweet, feminine, cheerful, and do not use vulgar words. Take care of your looks. That does not mean you should look like a movie star, but it is important to be clean and nourished, and at least minimally beautified. And always smell nice. It is very important ... just like women, men like to smell that sweet perfume when women pass them by. Men are primarily visual creatures, and they'll love to know that you made an effort to look nice because of them!

4. Be Devoted, but Do Not Bother Him

You have to be willing to do what you have to do to make it work. If you want to be in a relationship, you have to be devoted. When you say you want to be with that person, then BE with that person. Listen to him and be ready for whatever comes. And always be a lady who takes care of her man, like every true woman. Every man will appreciate it. Commitment is another very important key in a relationship. Let him know that you care, but do not exaggerate. There is a big difference between paying attention and obsessive attention when you are together (or not). And beware of nagging. Let him know what you think or want - that's fine, but please do not bother him. This will kill his interest and respect, and that's something you definitely do not want.

3. Do Not Tolerate Bad Behavior

Never, under any circumstances, be with someone who disparages you in any way because such a man is not a gentleman. It might seem that a man will have more respect if you do whatever he wants, but the truth is actually the opposite. Men appreciate women who have personality and are aware of its value. Do not let someone behave with you as if you were his personal maid or cleaning lady, and do not let someone order you around or behave badly towards you. If you feel as though you are being humiliated in any way, then leave! If you are in a relationship with someone who is behaving badly with you, even though you explained to him that it will not be tolerate - break that connection! Such a man is not worth of your time and nerves.

Ladies: What Attribute Do You Like Most in a Man?

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2. Do Not Try to Change Him

When you are in a relationship we learn that our partner is not perfect, that he has many small and large flaws. This cruel "sobering," a sudden fall from the “seventh heaven,” in the opinion of the majority of psychologists, is a decisive moment in every relationship. Accept your partner’s quirks and your relationship will survive. The eternal dream of most women is to change their partners, both his personality and behavior, as well as to "shape" him as they wish. If you belong to this group of women, before you start to criticize your partner's behavior, ask yourself whether you and your behavior has changed.


1. Show Your Intelligence and Your Sense of Humor

Although you may never hear a man say out aloud that he likes smart women, they see intelligence as a very important attribute. Less intelligent women may be able to win a man, but it can be difficult for them to keep him. Every man wants to have an interlocutor in a woman with whom he can talk about everything. But they do not like women who pretend to know everything. And to them it is important that women know how to listen to them, because they want women to also listen to them and care about their thoughts. Almost every man is attracted to women who have a sense of humor, which is also an indicator of intelligence. All men appreciate a good joke or quip, especially when it comes to women they are interested in.

So ladies, if we want to be treated by men then we start with ourselves beautiful, smart, dignified, you know, be yourself...and you will see the results.


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      23 months ago

      nice story


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