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How to get rid of relationships anxiety

Updated on March 9, 2015

Sometimes a new relationship can be stressful. It could be extremely stressful if you do not know each other well yet. If you are insecure and had bad relationships in the past here are some ways how to enjoy your current relationship.

Do not jump to conclusions. If he does not call when he says he will do not assume that he is not into you. A lot of people think of worst case scenerio when someone does not return their calls. Being ignored is one option out of all the others. His phone could be broke or he could be busy at the moment.

Write down the proof that you have if you are suspecious of anything. Sometimes people are so insecure that they read into every little thing and they make stuff up in their head. They make assumptions and sometimes those assumptions are wrong.

Do not make accusations. Don't say things like "You never called me back so you do not want me anymore." Being on his back will only make things worse. Guys do not like girls who are clingy and demanding.

Do not act clingy and contact him every minute of the day. Let him call you and try to be okay if you go a day without talking. When you act clingy you push the other person away.

Trust that he will call. Trust is a big part of a relationship. If you cannot trust that he will contact you than you will not be able to trust him with bigger things as time goes on.

Have your own lives. Space is important in a relationship. You do not have to be attached at the hip every second of the day. When two people are constantly together they get sick of each other. Having space is good because it also gives you something to talk about the nect time that you see each other.

Visualize the outcome you want. Do not start seeing him cheating on you. The self fufilling prophecy is what you believe you will attract. If you believe all guys leave you they will. Imagine him being busy or forgetting to call you. Then you will relax.

Visualize him and you together. Imagine seeing each other and being very happy in the relationship. Think of dating and kissing. Picture both of you in a healthy and happy relationship. It will relax you.

Write down all of the good qualaties about the other person. Everyone has good and bad and when you focus on the good you will attract more good things in the relationship. When you focus on bad things you will have more problems.

Write down all of the good things that you have experienced so far. Focus on when you would laugh and all the fun dates you went on. Focusing only on the negative is going to make you more worked up. It is not worth it even when you have no proof that something is wrong.

Work on your self confidence. If you do not love you, you cannot expect someone else to. Do things that make you feel good and love yourself.

Leave the past in the past. If you have been cheated on do not assume that all guys will cheat on you. Each relationship is different. If you want to have a good relationship than you have to move on from the old one.

Know that all guys are different. A lot of people who have been burned say things like "All guys lie." That is not true. There are guys who are honest and caring. It just takes time finding the right one. Do not blame a new guy on what someone did to you in the past.

Surround yourself with people in happy relationships. Some peopole who have been hurt are toxic. They have trust issues and will put things into your head. They will make you ruin a perfectly good relationship.

Trust is very important in a relationship and sometimes it is hard to have. Some people ruin relationships by having fears and anxiety. They create problems that are not all there. So before you make accusations make sure you have all the facts.

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