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How to get the boyfriend of your dreams

Updated on September 19, 2009

How to get the boyfriend of your dreams

There you are without a boyfriend. All your other friends have boyfriends, but you are the one that missed jumping on that boat. Why are you with no one? Why do you feel such loneliness? Well, you tell yourself that, "That is it! I need a boyfriend now!" You feel good after you scream that out in public and embarrass yourself, but you don't care. You are about to get the boyfriend of your dreams. But how do you go about getting a boyfriend? I will now enlighten you from a males point of view--with the assistance of many female friends opinions.

Here are ways to get the boyfriend of your dreams:

  • Look hot...Look sexy! -- You are fishing for a new boyfriend. You don't want to wear and look a certain way that will repel the male specie away from you. Therefore, put on a little makeup or try going to the gym more often. If you have to go to the store and buy some hot clothing. Show the males out there that you are hot s***. This will be a good start to attract the boyfriend of your dreams into your life.

    Keep the talking about your past relationships to a minimum -- There is nothing more of a turnoff than a girl who talks about their past relationships. This can hit a male's ego hard. If you tend to do this, train yourself to shut your mouth on those topics. You will see that once you have caught your potential, you will actually be able to keep him for a little while.
  • Be focused on only dating -- You need to make dating the main thing that is on your mind. You need to make dating why you are alive. Plan for going out to pickup guys. Figure out how you will talk to them when you are finally at a point of interaction. Be on the prowl for your next boy toy 24/7. With all the time and effort put into getting a boyfriend, you should finally meet someone that is right for you.

  • Don't jump the gun with sex too early -- You want a boyfriend not a one-night-stand. If you finally connect with someone, try to extend that final point where you have sex with each other. This extend period of dating, will potentially give further insight into whether or not you want to continue on into a relationship with your candidate in focus.
  • Scratch past the surface of what he looks like -- He may be Romeo, but has the inner psyche of an axe murderer. Basically, looks may be deceiving. Therefore, train yourself to get into conversation mode with all males as much as possible. You never know that toad that you would normally throw away can actually be the prince in your fairytale.

These were a few ideas on how to get the boyfriend of your dreams. Try to incorporate these tactics into your everyday life. If you do so, you will see your success rate of gathering potentials skyrocket. In no time, you will see the boyfriend of your dreams stuck by your side. Good luck hunting!


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