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Learn How to have a Healthy Relationship with your Significant Other

Updated on June 4, 2016
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All Human Relations can be Difficult

All the events, circumstances, situations and scenarios we live in have at the very least a spark of love in them. May it be the world providing oxygen or an intimate kiss shared between a happy couple, all of these moments carry the same ingredient, should we be able to see it or not. And that's love. The world revolves around this. Needing it and providing, that is how we strive and build forwards. Our human race has progressed significantly because of the love we have, for the things we do and excel in and for the people that are always there for us.

A constant question in all our hearts though is how to keep a relationship based on love healthy. In a sense there is no such thing. A relationship has its ups and downs and keeping it a certain degree of "happiness" is abnormally painful and sometimes even boring. The relationship changes constantly, with new importance's and titles given to each one, letting the significant other deeper into the realm that one thought would never be shared.

A Healthy Relationship

Then, in another sense, there are ways for a relationship to be healthy. For it be working and progressing it means that it is going forwards the right way and that, in a generally more accepted term, it is a healthy relationship.

So, how do you achieve this with your partner? There are many big and small habits to partake in, and many promises that go with them, that not only help the relationship, but help each other as an individual person, growing with experience and becoming a better version of themselves every day. Not changing, just modifying for happiness, always keeping intact what makes them so them.

Here are the things that a couple should try if they wish to keep their relationship going in an upwards direction and developing every day.

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Be the One

This cannot be said enough. From a young age, we are taught the world is prepared for us, even in the areas of disaster and love, which are frighteningly close to each other. Yet, the world isn't prepared for us. We are the ones that have to get ready for everything that will be thrown at us.

In that ongoing line, most of us expect our perfect soul mate to be waiting for us somewhere in this world when it just isn't like that. We hold the highest of expectations for someone we haven't even met yet, and we think that none of these prerequisites apply to us. We forget to be the one, and instead search for the one.

We are not perfect

By this I mean, don't look for someone perfect because they don't exist. Everyone has quirks and downsides, just as they can have great qualities and personalities that make us fall in love with them time and time again. So, instead of expecting a perfect person that does not exist, we should improve ourselves with all those little things we wish our loved one will have. The manners, the healthy living choices, they all benefit us and make us better.

These things and qualities also help us realize just how much we were expecting right of the bat. We have to know no one is perfect before commencing a healthy relationship with anyone, and that there will be things you won't like right away, but will love with time. All the good and bad of a person is loved in a good relationship, accepting instead of trying to change.

Appreciate what they do, big or small: A big mistake in relationships is not realizing just how important, wonderful and amazing your significant other is until it's too late. They care for you, love you, show you affection and think about you constantly. They want to make you happy, with small things like fixing the bed in the morning and with bigger things like wanting to know everything about you and wanting to have the rest of their life adventure with you. So, remember to show them appreciation and love.

People need a little dose of this every now and then and keeping it from them will only hurt them and make them feel unwanted. Let it be clear to them that you want them and need them.

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Speak your thoughts

Relationships are these fantastical connections in which two minds become one and thoughts are shared at an equal level, letting communication work and flow continuously. This allows for any inconvenience, despair and fear dissipate between both of you. Keeping things that bother you or make you happy to yourself will not benefit or help anything or anyone. Your partner needs to know what you think and what you want, because they might know you and understand you but they can't read your mind. Just like how you share, you should entice them to share too. Your voices and thoughts have to be heard between both of you at all times. This practice only develops trust, love and understanding. Sure you might hit some bumps along the way but it's worth it.

Respect your significant other

Their choices won't always be great and their thoughts might sometimes be off and mean one thing but expel another. At all times though, exercise respect. In your actions, in your words and in your interaction with them, let them know you are equals and live on equal grounds. Respect your significant other. Their dreams, hopes, aspirations, fears and wishes are just as big and important as yours, and deserve as much time too. Support them and try to understand their point of view without mocking or belittling. It's important to them and should be important to you too.

Say I love you and mean it

People are afraid of saying this too much or saying it too fast, but what should not really be exercised is expecting something in return. You do not need your partner to say it right back to you the moment you say it. Let them get ready and say it when they feel comfortable. Let them know you understand if they are not there yet and that you do not want to push them in any way. Still, I encourage you to say it when you feel it.

Maybe try to do so without being cynic about love but more realistic about what it is you are feeling. This person and all that makes them what they are have taken a space in your mind and life that's theirs to keep and that's it. There no binding promise or contract in there. You simply love them and you have to let it be known. It's also great saying it when you have shared the feeling mutually and let it be known every now and then. It's sweet, and heartwarming, even if it's just three words.

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Relationships can be complex and filled with twists and turns but giving your all in them and trying to excel in making it an enjoyable time for you and your significant other will always make you both happy and let you reflect back in the memories you now hold onto dearly. It is nothing to be afraid of, even if it has its ups and downs. It is a beautiful thing that we get to have in this life and should be enjoyed to its fullest extent, not feared.

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