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How to have a happy life with happy relationships.

Updated on September 6, 2011

How to have a happy life with happy relationships.

What does "Relationship" really mean? There are many different meanings for this word. For instance, it is consider the times where people feel a connection between one another. Another meaning is, the point where there is a consensus between a group or at least two people. Basically, it is the feeling of connectedness that really constitutes a relationship. That would be relationships in a nutshell. However it is not that simple.

So how do you find ways to connect with other people? Well, you really have to put yourself out there and try to make a connection with other individuals. You may have been doing that total opposite of this by just moving through life with your head down and not noticing the people around you. This is the total opposite of finding that connectedness. This is the total adverse affect on relationships. Therefore, try changing what you have done in the past that has led you to this state of no solid relationships.

Make sure you notice the value in other people. With that make sure you show the others that you care about them and that you can hope for their best. Try to think that all the actions that the others do are always with good intentions. Only when someone falters should you take notice of potential bad relationships. You should all consider what people have been successful at and not where they have found failure. Also, before you ask someone to be your friend, be polite and give them your friendship first. This way you can build a potentially strong relationship.

You have to also try and understand the ways of others. This is pretty simple to do. First take notice that most people have insecurities, want to feel like they are important, hope for a better future, at times can be very selfish, and want to know that they can achieve success. With these little pieces of information about understanding others, you can cater to those ways and hopefully have a lasting relationship.

Make sure that you can show respect for other people. Respect is something that most people want. In order for this respect to take place, you must learn how to respect the most important person first and that is you. Remember that respect is something that you have to earn, so you have to work to get it from others. Respect everyone.

Make sure you don't overwhelm others with your own emotions. I understand that can be difficult, however it is a step toward bringing people closer to you. How would you like it if someone puts all their anger, sadness and frustration on you.

These were just a few ideas on how you can live a happy life with happy relationships.


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