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How to ignore a guy: Ways to put off unwanted advances and make him stop following you

Updated on October 5, 2012
Is it getting hard for you to ask a guy to back off without risking ruining your friendship?
Is it getting hard for you to ask a guy to back off without risking ruining your friendship? | Source

How to ignore a guy without being rude? How to thwart off unwanted advances from a guy in your class who you would still like to be friends with? How do you make a man, hoping to ask you out for a date, stop following you around? How do you say no to a nice guy who has a crush on you, because he is just not your type? Find subtle answers to tricky situations like these and spell it loud and clear to him – You are not my type.

1) Tell him you already have a boyfriend

The easiest way to ignore a guy's advances is to tell him that you already have a boyfriend. Mention to him you are seeing someone and that you are not looking to date other men. This should instantly put off most sensible men and make them stop thinking about you.

2) Ask a male friend to play boyfriend for a day

To put this guy's hopes of dating you to a complete rest, ask a male friend to become your boyfriend for a day. Make sure that the both of you put on your best flirtatious behavior, hold hands and display a body language like true lovers with may even a cheeky pat on the bum.

The sight of you romancing your male friend is likely to annoy the guy and put him off for good. He will get the message loud and clear - that you are in a relationship and there is no point bothering you again.

3) Don't pick up his calls or reply to his messages

Has a guy from your class, who already had your number, been leaving you messages because he has a crush on you? Out of courtesy, pick up his call once and let him know that you are not interested in taking things any further.

If he keeps calling you or sending you text messages, stop picking up his calls or replying to his texts. He should get a strong and direct indication that you are ignoring him.

4) Remove him from your Facebook friend list

If you have already met the guy in question, chances are that you may have him in your Facebook friend list. To send him a gentle yet crisp reminder that you want him to stop following you, unfriend him on the social network.

While your unfriending activity may not make it to your Timeline, he will find out when he tries to access your profile and pictures. Set your privacy settings in a way that most of your Facebook profile, information and photos are visible to friends only.

5) Tweet ambiguously on Twitter hoping that he gets the message

If the guy you want to ignore is on Twitter, you can send out an ambiguous tweet that throws out hints on your dislike for him. Tweet something on the lines of 'Some people just don't understand when to stop' or 'Don't you hate it when some people make unwanted advances?'

Make sure you tweet at a time he is likely to be online. Spread the word by sharing your tweet on Facebook and other social media platforms so that the chances of it appearing in his feed become high.

6) Tell him about your crush

What if the guy has been a close friend of yours and has suddenly a new found crush on you – How do you say no, without actually saying no, hurting him and ruining your friendship? Do it by talking about how you have the hots for another guy.

Tell him how good looking you find another guy in your class or rave about another guy's hot body whenever he tries to initiate a conversation with you. This will instantly put him off. He will get the message that he is just not your type.

7) Stop having predictable timings

If a guy is stalking you and following you around, he possibly has a good idea of the places you usually go to and the time at which you go. For example, he may know that you go directly from your History class in college to the gym at 3 in the afternoon.

Knowing your predictable timings, he may 'by accident' bump into you at the gym. To avoid a situation like this, stop having predictable timings, at least until you are able to make the guy stop following you.

8) Remain calm and don't ignore him in public

Ignoring a guy in public can possibly brand you as high headed, snobbish or other ugly names. If the guy approaches you in front of others, be clam and pleasant. If he asks you why you haven't replied to his text messages or returned his calls, reply in a calm voice that you were busy or you did not get the time.

Don't get annoyed or agitated as the situation could turn into a verbal spat.

9) Ask your friends to grab you every time he tries to talk to you

If you can't get a guy off your back despite having pulled all the stops, get your friends to help you. Tell them to call you or come to you with the excuse of needing to grab you from the situation at the pretext of work every time they see the guy trying to approach you.

If the guy is intelligent enough, he will notice that your friends step in every time he tries to have a conversation with you.

10) Tell him honestly that you don't wish to be spoken to

When all your subtle hints fail, you could tell him honestly that you don't like his advances towards you. Be honest, but be warm. Don't be blunt or rude as you may sound rude, hurt his feelings or even invite a confrontation.

11) Ask your friends to talk to him

If you have friends who can do the dirty job for you, ask them to approach the fella and tell him how you feel about his constant calls, texts, emails and messages. Tell your friends to be polite and show respect to the guy.

12) Talk to his friends, hoping that they will convince him

If he still keeps following you or bombarding you with his requests to go on a date with him, you can try to talk to his friends. Ask them to help you convince him without creating a big scene out of it.


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