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How you will justify second marriage?

Updated on September 14, 2011

It took me a lot of time to think on this hub request.

Hi friends,

After reading this hub request, I was very upset that I was not able to think over what to write on this, but I wanted to write someting so I created a story on my own which can be served as an example to justify second marriage in a way that is different and unique.

An interesting story to justify second marriage

There was a Muslim man who was a successful civil engineer living in a middle east Muslim country. He was on a high salary job and was his early 30s and was tall and smart. He got married to a graduate fair complexion beautiful Muslim woman who is a bit few pounds heavier than her husband. After the marriage the man and his wife spent a good time.

After a year passed by, the wife gave birth to a baby boy. The husband becomes very happy, although amazing discovery occurs the wife becomes a bit fat and develops a habit of eating French Fries, cheese pizza daily. Her diet increased a lot slowly and slowly she began to increase her weight. Her clothes started becoming small and the husband acknowledged this amazing discovery and tells the wife to join a gym and stop eating fries and cheese pizza. The wife did join a gym, although she does not decrease her diet, in fact, she even increased her diet a bit more slowly and slowly. The wife then got more fat day by day.

After one more year passed by, she became as fat as Humpty Dumpty and the husband began to feel strange and pathetic whenever he did sex with his fat Humpty Dumpty wife. One day, the husband measured the weight of his wife in weighing machine and he was shocked to see that weight was over 250 pounds. Then, the husband measured the waist of his wife with a measuring tape, he was again shocked to see the waist of his wife was 50 inches. Moreover, the family, relatives, close friends, and colleagues at work of that man started making jokes about his fat Humpty Dumpty wife

One day the engineer man was smoking his hard Cuban cigar and started thinking and finally decided to marry a beautiful and slim girl as his second wife and also kept his fat Humpty Dumpty wife with him, as he do not want to divorce the wife only because she is fat. He was a nice man. The fat wife started fighting with the husband on hearing the news, but the husband was a man of his words. He did not listen to his fat wife and he marries a beautiful slim girl as his second wife. The fat wife became jealous of the second wife, as she was so slim, smart, and gorgeous, but husband was a nice man. He equally treated both his wives in every aspect, socially, emotionally, and financially, used to give them both equal pocket money. One more year passed by and the second wife gave birth to a baby girl. The husband became very happy and the fat wife started thinking with open mind and she admitted that she is fat Humpty Dumpty and her husband did correct thing to do second marriage with a slim smart girl. Fat wife congratulate the second wife on the birth of her baby and fat wife became friends with the second wife. All five of them, the husband, his both wives, and their two babies lived happily thereafter.

This story was incomplete until quicksand (my fellow hubber) added the last part to it. Here is that good ending.

The fat Humpty Dumpty wife and the slim wife were now really good friends indeed and fat wife even invited the slim and beautiful wife out to lunch 1 day, took her along to nearby pizza hut, bought her a double cheese, onion, capsicum pizza and some potato chips. The slim wife was so pleased with that. She liked that pizza and chips.

Now as you know both wifes were given equal pocket money from the husband, it was the turn of slim wife to take the fat wife out to lunch next day. She did so. Again to pizza hut, again potato chips, this time chicken punjabi special pizza, full jar of coke, and the delicious apple pie..

Now both became frequent visitors to pizza hut.

Months passed by and then the fat wife and the slim wife... SLIM WIFE? ... hey buddy, there aint no slim ladies around here ... !!!

The engineer got used to his new WIFE STYLE ...

So now the second marriage is justified.

Are you in favor of second marriage?

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    • profile image

      lmw71 3 years ago

      I was not looking for anyone after I filed for divorce from my 1st husband. But I meet this man who is really great ... we have been together for almost a year and he has asked me to marry him ... I said yes. I do have a issue; I have 6 children from my first marriage, and he has a son, the issue is this he wants more children. I am unable to have any more children. He says that he loves me and that he wants me and if I cant have children he will have to learn to live with that. But then he has also asked if I would be angry if he got another woman pregnant... and then asked if I would still marry him. My heart fell to the floor. Now I am wondering just what I have gotten myself into ...

    • profile image

      shah kamal 8 years ago

      saving a lot of money before second marriage.


    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks quicksand for completing my story. Yes, that's a wonderful end and the word "wife style" is really fabolous. I love it.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 9 years ago

      Hi Raj! Permit me to finish this story will you?

      The fat wife and the thin wife were now real good friends indeed! The fat wife even invited the thin wife out to lunch one day, took her along to pizza hut, bought her a pizza and some chips. The thin wife was pleased. She liked the pizza and the chips.

      Since both were given pocket money, it was the thin lady's turn to take the fat lady out to lunch the next day. She did so. To pizza hut. Chips, pizza, coke, apple pie ...

      The fat lady and the thin were frequent visitors to pizza hut.

      The weeks passed ... then the fat lady and the thin lady ... THIN LADY? ... hey buddy, there aint no thin ladies around here ... !!!

      The engineer got used to his new WIFE STYLE ...