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How to keep the sizzle in the sheets when the bedroom flame has become exstinguished

Updated on March 22, 2015

Dirty talk 101

Step outside your comfort zone and be open minded to exploring your sexual being! When you have self-confidence, you feel at ease discussing your feelings and desires with your partner. Communication helps to establish a clear bond between couples and allows room for exploring fantasies! Understanding yourself as a sexual being can factor in your ability to achieve satisfaction in your sex life. One of the main things we need to do is focus on maintaining emotional and physical intimacy in our relationships. Something as simple as kissing and cuddling are essential for maintaining an emotional and physical bond. Fore-play is important because it gets thing warmed up. There are many different ways to preform foreplay including : kissing, groping, biting, stoking and sensual massage. It is also a really good idea to know what the g-spot is and where it is located. The g-spot is a mound of super sensitive sponge-like flesh that is located within the roof of the vagina, just inside the entrance. when the g-spot is properly stimulated it can produce intense orgasms. Trying different positions can not only increase pleasure but it can also help overcome sexual problems like achieving an orgasm. About 80% of men reported that their partner had an orgasm only 64% of women report having an orgasm at their most recent event!

Keeping it sexy! How does your health affect your sex life!

Your overall health can affect your sex life in more ways than you are aware. Did you know that smoking contributes to Peripheral Vascular Disease which affects blood flow to the penis. Women who smoke tend to go into menopause two years earlier than non smoking women. Regular exercise can also improve your sexual functioning because arousal depends on good blood flow. Men and women both can improve their sexual fitness by doing kegel exercises for their pelvic floor muscles. Men that suffer from erectile dysfuction also found that taking a drink could help them relax. Living a healthy lifestyle can give you more pleasure than we realize.

Sex at its best!

It can happen to the best of us one day we wake up and realize that our once fulfilling sex lives have turned in a mere chore. The danger can be often unseen lurking in the foreshadows of our hearts desires. Although several different factors can contribute to a lack of sexual desires there are ways we can improve our desires and achieve sexual satisfaction. With the help of communication in our relationships and including a healthy life-style we can begin the path of restoring sexual passion . Opening your minds to new creative ways of exploring your fantasies can lead you to discover what you truly love about sex! When it comes to bringing the boom back into the bedroom you got to be bold and you got to be brave. There are many ways to introduce this spice back into your life , including sex toys, one of many options. Sex toys are a great way to discover what helps you achieve sexual satisfaction. These sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed for men and women. Role-playing is also a creative way to introduce fun and adventure to ordinary bedroom boredom. The best way to do this is for you and your partner to write down your fantasies then come up with interesting ways to explore them. There are also a ton of adult games and books available to guide you through this process. Remember to be open-minded you never know what you like until you try it. Lastly, relax and have fun set a sexy atmosphere and explore sexual desires!

Are you comfortable sharing your desires with your current sex partner?

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      fortchunette 3 years ago

      I feel that being open minded and understanding in a relationship is very important