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How to keep you man

Updated on March 7, 2009


So you went on a few dates, enjoyed each others company, and have decided that you both want to be in an exclusive relationship. Now that you have your man, how will you keep him? The typical couple starts to annoy each other after only 2-3 short months. Here are a few tips to help keep your man happy and not lose him to another woman.



Be confident- The majority of women in America are not satisfied with their own appearance. We hear them daily complaining that they are too fat or they don’t like their hair or they need a tan and so on. If your man thought that you were ugly then chances are he would have never started dating you. Remember that different men like different qualities in women and you don’t need to be a super model to keep your man. You just need to stop complaining about yourself or you will push him away. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is confident with what she has and knows how to flaunt it.


Keep it fresh- The beginning of a new relationship can be very exciting and full of new experiences and adventures. However, after a few months, things can start to go dull and become monotone. Keep the spark alive by changing your appearance. Simply getting a new haircut or buying some new clothes can be enough to get his attention. Also, change up the things you do or the places you go together. For example, if you always go out to eat on the north side, then try the south side for a change. A simple change of scenery is great for boosting spirits.


Pamper him- Believe it or not, many men would rather get a good back rub than have sex. Men love to be pampered by their women and they will cherish you dearly for it. Little things like washing his back in the shower or giving a back run can help ensure your man doesn’t go anywhere. After one week without his nightly backrub he will be begging to come back.


Keep your friends- A lot of times when women start a new relationship they lose contact with their girl friends. Your man does not want to be around you 24 hours a day all the time. Make it a point to have a girl’s night out once a month or to just keep spending time your friends in general. This gives him the personal time he needs for himself. Men will get tired really fast if a woman has no friends and is clingy all of the time.


Become a sports fan- Don’t make your man’s favorite pastime a miserable experience for him by complaining about it. If he is a big football fan and it drives you crazy watching him watch the game every Sunday then maybe you just need to become more involved in it. You don’t necessarily have to like football but you can like hosting football parties. Make it a fun thing for both of you by inviting yours and his friends over to grill out and have drinks during the game.



Befriend his mom- The phrase “mama’s boy” didn’t come from nowhere. Most men respect and admire their mothers and look for a wife with similar qualities. Take the mother to lunch or go shopping together to build a bond. The more the mom considers you family, the more her son will too.


Befriend his friends- Men talk and they love to talk about women. The last thing you want to do is get on his friends bad side. The peer pressure can be ridiculous if all of his friends are constantly telling him how much they don’t like you. However, man talk can also be a very powerful tool. If you can gain the respect of his friends then you have a much better chance of staying together longer.


Smile- We choose to start relationships with people because we enjoy being around them. Keep a smile on your face and a good attitude and you and your man will go a long way. If you are always complaining and never fun to be around then your man will find someone new very fast. Make being close to you a cheerful, fun experience and he will want more.


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