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How to Keep Your Love Fires Burning

Updated on January 6, 2021

Passion inevitably fades

Everyone knows that as time progresses the initial passion in a relationship begins to burn out. At the start, there’s plentiful touching and lovemaking. Sometimes there’s a dizzying overabundance of physical affection. Even outside of bed, it’s impossible to stop touching each other. A multitude of heady encounters marks each of your days.

After some time though, even in less than a year, you start kissing less and less; you have sex less often; the spontaneity falls off and soon it feels as though you’re scheduling your bouts of physical love.

The longer a couple is together, the more mundane and ordinary it can become. Romantic love comes to an end and the relationship between the two people is more companionable. Many couples break up following the preliminary rush, perhaps believing that they’re not with the right person. They don’t realize that eventually it could happen with anyone, no matter how powerful and potent the relationship is at the outset; no matter how inevitable and electrifying the chemistry.


The power of kissing

But there are ways to sustain an ongoing passionate love between you and your partner. It’s quite easy, simple, and best of all, enjoyable.

Sometimes people underestimate the power of kissing. Research shows that the longer a couple remains together, the less they kiss. If the couple were to establish an almost daily habit of kissing, then it would greatly aid in the preserving of passion and closeness. It’s like applying anti-rust wax to your love.

No matter how busy or strenuous your day is, you can always create time for a make-out session, even briefly. Kissing releases chemicals that make you feel good like oxytocin and dopamine, helping you to forge a loving bond with your partner. It helps you to remain attached for a longer period, so it’s vital to prioritize kissing as a way of constantly stimulating your relationship. Kissing is an activity which remains important and enjoyable for us all our lives.

Other ways of maintaining your passion

Secondly, the importance of caresses can’t be overstated. If you and your partner are passing each other in the hall while getting ready for work, a quick caress between you does much to maintain your connection. Much lies behind a caress, or even a simple, quick touch: it creates both a physical and emotional bridge between two separate beings.

It’s something you can do anytime: if your partner’s in the kitchen preparing dinner, just go in and caress their back. Reach out and stroke the side of their face for a second or two. These small gestures carry an undeniable amount of power. Hold hands as much as possible too, no matter how long you’ve been together.

The next point seems quite obvious, but it’s also important to engage in many activities together. Go out to restaurants, take walks, observe sunsets, go to the movies, and travel as an inseparable duo. These activities and others will continuously spark your relationship, even jumpstarting it sometimes. Don’t just stay home sitting next to each other on the couch watching TV like a pair of the undead. This can permit a relationship to stagnate. In order for a relationship to thrive, the couple needs constant stimuli.

Keep saying "I love you."

Never forget to keep saying “I love you.” You don’t have to say it every day, but many couples become lazy and take their entire relationship for granted. They stop expressing their emotions, and expect to keep the person they have, not realizing that a relationship needs constant nurturing, caring, maintenance. There are people who take better care of their fish and houseplants than their relationships.

If you want to keep your love fires burning, it’s key to keep doing the things you were doing at the beginning, even though you may not feel like it. Quite often this will act as a catalyst and you’ll once again recreate the passion which you felt at the very beginning.

And remember to keep kissing!


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