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How to keep your relationship alive.

Updated on December 4, 2012

Don't let your relationship's flame die out

First dates are amazing. The first couple months are heaven, even the first couple years are great. Then you really start your lives together. You possibly get married and have children. These are amazing moments in our lives that we will never forget. But don't let your everyday routines kill your relationships. Below I have listed some key things to keep in mind when trying to keep your relationship alive.

What to do for your relationship.

  • Have Date Nights- We NEED date nights, time to ourselves. Call your babysitter to come over for a few hours or even the night. Plan a romantic night, even if it's just dinner and a movie. Don't feel guilty leaving the kids with the sitter so you could do this. Trust me, you'll be happy you did.
  • Have open communication- Communication is key to a great relationship. We often tend to forget that with everyday schedules. Even if it's a small text or email during work. Talk during dinner and while laying in bed before going to sleep.
  • Write a love letter- Yes, write your lover a letter. Your significant other will feel like they did when you first got together. Definitely a must!
  • Try new things- Anything!! Don't get stuck in your boring every week routines. Spice it up and find different things you may enjoy together.
  • Compliment your partner- Shoot a compliment. They will appreciate this more than you even know and they'll know you are still as interested in them as you were when you first got together.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff- If you catch yourself over reacting at little things, stop and take a deep breath. It isn't worth it, you'll just end up fighting over nothing all the time.
  • Surprise your partner- who doesn't love surprises and it shows you care!
  • Be intimate- Last but not least, this is so important. Touch is one of the most nurturing and needed forces.


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