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Tips to make your women feel special and loved. (Makes life easier)

Updated on September 7, 2015

Make her feel special

Get her away from the crowd

By this I mean we all live a very busy life and if you have children, work and the normal things most of us have. Getting away from the crowd means simply get away. If you have children try to get a baby sitter for the weekend and surprise your girl with a weekend away.

Even if it's going to a hotel down the street from your house. Just the thought and the surprise is going to make your girl so happy and proud of you for thinking of her. That's one thing that is a must you have to show her you care and you need to do this everyday.

Another good thing to do is go camping! This really gets you away from everything and everybody. Rent a cabin for the weekend you and your spouse will be able to go for romantic walks, build a fire, grill some food and just enjoy nature with no distractions.

Plan an electronic free weekend

Women are so different from men! Men can sit in the garage in the dark and have a good time. Women need attention and it's your job to give it to them if you want to keep your relationship going good. So turn off all the phones,computers, I pads and any other kind of electronic device.

This is going to allow you to spend time with your women and give her all your attention. Find a game to play or just sit and talk maybe cook together. Now you can't do this all the time maybe once a month if possible. Always make it a surprise this is going to make her the happiest women in the world. This is one reason I talked about camping earlier. You solve two things at once, sometimes she is not going to let you take away the electronics. By being in a remote area the devices won't work!


Send her flowers for no reason

This is something women love! Again though it's al about the surprise send them flowers at work or hen she gets home have flowers and dinner ready. Show her you really care about all she does and make sure you tell her how important she is and how much she means to you.

All about the attention as long as you are giving attention she will be happy. That does not mean you have to spoil her with gifts. The thought that you went out of your way to make her feel special really goes along way. When you get in a serious relationship these are the thing you just have to do.

Also another great tip is when she gets home from work give her a nice long hug show affection. Wrap yourselves in each others arms, entwine your legs and let her nestle her head in your neck. Start breathing slowly and deeply.

Try to quit your mind from distractions of the outside world and begin to become aware of your body. As frustrations, upsets or tensions arise let them fade away. Bring your awareness first to the room, then to your partner and finally to your own body.

Begin to feel your heartbeat. Allow yourself to feel held, cared for and natured by your lover. Sometimes it can take 10 - 15 minutes of slowing down to begin to feel desire for each other.

Make her happy

Clean the house

Now this is really going to get her attention and thats what were trying to do. Do you want to watch that football game on sunday? Then you better do these things when you can even if you don't want to. Your life is going to be so much better. Women are not as hard as men make them out to be. Attention is just something they have to have and men sometimes just do not know how to give it. So the simple four steps I just laid out as long as you follow them your going to be alright.

Cleaning the house is just an example. You have to do something that you usually don't do the element of surprise is what going to make her happy and feel loved.

Do this if you make a mistake

Write a handwritten letter

In todays world with phones and computers texting and emails seem to become our way of communcating. Catch her off guard with a handwritten letter.This is going to catch her by surprise and it shows you really put a little extra effort in making up. That will make a world of difference plus in a handwritten letter I think you pour your heart out a little more. Sometimes you have to use mind tricks to make a relationship work. The best way to learn is to read.

You might not be going through tough times right now but every relationship does so it's better to be ready than not. Their is some more advice from some of the top professional in the world on the link below. Explore the site you will get a ton of useful information. You will find sex experts that give tips on how to please your women in more ways then you can ever imagine.

There is one book that I really got a lot of use from it's by Gabrielle Moore she is a sex expert and she really gets into how to make your women have an orgasm like never before. And it really works I have used the advice on my wife and now she gets mad if I'm tired (who would of thought that) I hope this was helpful start putting some of these tips in use right away your life will really change for the better.

Thank you-

I hope some of this advice was helpful! I know how hard relationships can be and knowledge is the key to being happy! Good Luck


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