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How to know if you are going to get dumped? 12 Warning Signs to look for to avoid being blindsided

Updated on June 13, 2017
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Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

How to know that you are about to get dumped?

Many times it so happens that we think that all is well with a relationship and suddenly we see the couple breaking up. There are times when the person who was dumped was as surprised by the development as the others.

Nobody wanted to be blindsided. You could be on cloud nine because you feel that you may have found the man/woman of your dreams. But does your partner share the same feelings? But often couples choose to ignore the signs of trouble in their relationship thinking that everything will sort itself out. Keeping a blind eye on the problems only can ruin a relationship. It is best to recognize and address the issues before it gets worse.

Is there a way to know if you are about to get dumped? Yes, all you have to do is look for unusual behavior or signs from your Partner. Maybe you could try to save the relationship if it is worth it or surprise your partner by dumping him/her instead. Given below are some tell-tale signs that you may be getting dumped.

Warning Signs to look for to know if you are going to get dumped
Warning Signs to look for to know if you are going to get dumped | Source

12 Warning Signs to know that your Partner is preparing to leave you

Given below is a list of warning signs to keep a watch on.

  1. Your Partner starts going out without you: If your partner has started going out without you and has started to hang out with his/her friends, it is a sure sign that all is not well in your relationship.
  2. Your Partner is unavailable for you: Your Partner does not have time for you. He/she and looks for excuses to stay away from you all of a sudden. Even if you somehow manage to communicate they would give the excuse of being busy.
  3. Your Partner finds faults with you or stops fighting with you: Your Partner has suddenly started finding fault in everything you do and pick out fights; it is a sign that he/she has found green pastures. Sometimes he/she may stop fighting with you altogether because you mean nothing to them anymore.
  4. Your Partner insists that you change or hurt you with comparisons with others.
  5. Your Partner is no longer displaying his/her love and affection towards you: Your Partner conveniently forgets your memorable days. She/he may also stop displaying affection in public.
  6. Your Partner is avoiding intimacy: Your Partner may withhold intimacy as they try to pull out from the relationship.
  7. Your Partner suddenly starts being secretive: Your Partner suddenly starts having secret buddies and private meetings you know nothing about. He/she may stop taking some calls in front of you.
  8. Your Partner questions your loyalty: Your Partner may question your loyalty towards him/her because of their guilt of infidelity.
  9. Your Partner avoids committing to long term plans: Your Partner avoids any questions of commitment, and may not make any long term plans if he/she is preparing to leave you.
  10. Your Partner breaks promise made to you often: Your Partner starts being unreliable. He/she makes promises only to break. She/he starts cancelling dates often.
  11. Your Partner’s friends suddenly start acting distant: If there is something wrong in your relationship, mostly your Partners buddies should know and may stay distant from you.
  12. Your Partner has suddenly started taking more interest in their appearance: If your Partner has taken a renewed interest in appearance, the chances are that he/she are trying to get back to the dating scene.

Mostly your sixth sense would warn you that something is wrong with your relationship. Take the warning seriously and look for unusual behavioural changes from your partner.

Is there anything else I have left out? Feel free to add through comments.

How to Get Dumped by Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend


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