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How to love and be loved

Updated on October 22, 2012

Love is unselfish and instead it is more of giving. Keep in to mind though, that you cannot give anything you don’t have. If you love a person you should have positive attributes, habits and traits to share with. You should at least have a decent job or some means to buy the needs and wants, for love alone cannot feed a family when you are married already. Endeavor to reinforce your earning capacity so you can steer clear from any financial problems that arises in your marriage or in a relationship.

In friendship and any other relationships love harbors no ill feelings but is always forgiving though it may take some time before the wound heals. It will never waver and it is enduring.

Here are things you need so that you’ll know if love is in your heart so that you’ll be also loved:

  • Believe the best about others. Love is on the heart of a person that is not unaffected by envy, jealousy and competition.
  • Do not count the bad things done by others.
  • Do not pull down others with destructive and damaging words or gossips.
  • One is not conceited if love is on his heart. He is modest with his goals and is always humble.
  • Love is on the heart of a person if he has patience. It is not easily pissed off or irritated.
  • There is love on the heart of an individual when he has no delight on someone who gets hurt physically and emotionally.
  • Love is on the heart of a person who is ready to help others all the time, even if it is not convenient.
  • A person has love on his heart if he is delighted with the others' accomplishments and accolades.
  • Love is on the heart of a person who endures all challenges and odds that come across his way and never quits.

That’s all folks. Thanks a lot for dropping by.

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My sixth hub in the HubChallenge.


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