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How to make a man fall in love with you deeply

Updated on June 12, 2012

Man can go crazy in love with a woman, that's a fact. Have you ever wonder why there are not so pretty ladies who can have too much suitors? They say that, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But why there are handsome and gorgeous men who can fall in love with women who doesn't have so much beautiful facial attributes, Does it mean they can't define what is beautiful? What makes them choose a lady over the crowd? How men decide for choosing a lady which seems to be just an ordinary girl?

  1. Women can catch man's attention by the sound of laughter

    Happy persons are great companions, they are not boring and is easy to please. If a woman is smiling and laughing on funny things introduce by men, men thinks that they are doing great and they feel that they may be compatible to that woman. You can even talk to your friends and laugh on funny things, men will notice your smile and how you laugh. Just be sure to stay finesse even if you are laughing.

  2. Man can go crazy about women's self confidence

    Self confidence can be shown on how you walk, smile, and talk. Walking on a beautiful and sexy dress with high heel shoes are not enough, chin up and feel sexy. If you feel and think you are sexy and beautiful, you can pass that aura to other people looking at you. Likewise, a women who are confident to themselves and do not get insecure with other women will prevent a guy from looking at other women because he will think that he already got extraordinary women like you. You will give an implication to him that you are better than others. If you feel insecure, you will push your man to look on other woman. So the next time you have your date and you see your man looking at other woman, look at his eyes give her smile and tell him, I think she's pretty, I like her bag! And then, divert the conversion to other things that he likes talking about.

  3. Men admires unique and intelligent woman

    They admire a woman who can do things that they can’t do. Have you ever wondered, how famous a woman become, if she excels on the fields that are supposed to be for men? Imagine how many suitors she can have if she goes to a location dominated by man, nothing in comparison for her, and all they see is her? She has all the attention and the choice to pick for the best man.

  4. Men likes appreciation

    When you show appreciation to a man, you are making him happy and he would be wanted to be always with you. And if you are always together and he finds it happy and good to talk to you, there are chances that he may fall for you.

  5. Guys like to have a low maintenance girl friend

    Let’s face it, all are pricey nowadays. If you show a guy that you are happy even with simple things and you are the type that is not so demanding, sure they will stay in love with you. But if the guys think that they cannot afford you to be their girlfriend, you are losing your chances because they will look for other woman.

  6. Men needs a girl friend who can be their best friend too

    Talk and listen. Engage on the conversation, if you are not interested on his favorite topic, at least show him you are listening. Ask anything about what he was saying. Look for chances to divert conversations but if you can’t find any way to change the topic, just listen and smile because surely he will stop talking.

Before men can fall in love for you, he should notice you first. How can he notice you if you are not making yourself visible? Do things and act differently from the crowd of beautiful girls so you can catch their attention and wonder about you.

To make a man fall in love for you, you have to do some effort. Be a good friend to him, and if you want him to stay and continue falling for you, learn how you can maintain the way you are or at least almost be the same, when he first notice you .

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