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How to make your relationship stronger.

Updated on December 22, 2015

#1 Be Honest

This is obvious you have to be honest with your partner. If they want to lie to you then let them do that, as long as you're being honest then. You're gonna be really happy with yourself and your relationship with your partner will get stronger slowly. In the other hand, if you lie quite a lot then you're probably gonna get tangled in your own web of lies and your relationship will sadly be over sooner or later. Either that or neither of you will be really happy.

#2 Put your heart on your partner's hands

This can be a really scary step in the relationship because of the multiple questions that rise with this. For example:

Is my partner going be honest too?

Is my partner going to respect me?

Am I ready for this step?

What will it happen if I do it?

#3 Don't get jealous

This might be one of the most helpful tips there are, most people get jealous of someone close to their partners because of the simple fact that they're insecure about themselves. Don't make the common error of being jealous of someone because this is basically planting the seeds of a breakup. Let them do as they wish, if your partner appreciates you and you trust your partner then both of you will be fine.

Also don't make your partner jealous, you're not the hot stuff around so if you make your partner jealous you're running a really high chance of them leaving you. After all you're messing with someone's feelings so how would you be able to call yourself a nice person when you hurt someone in such a mean way? We're people, not animals.

#4 Show them that you love them

Show your love for your partner, this is pretty god darn obvious you can't only say "Oh my god I love you" but when it comes down to it you won't show. Actions show what you are, words don't. But also tell them that you love them once in a while, make them feel loved and that you won't ever leave them alone. This way not only your partner is gonna love you even more, you're gonna love your partner way more than anything else there is in this world.

This is something that I personally did in the past and believe me, it works!

#5 Get your priorities straight

You need to know what goes first, your partner, your job, other women, money, etc... Try to think what is the most important to you before you continue reading.

If you decided something like money or women then I recommend that you and your partner must break up because before anything else it goes the person that you love. This is something everyone must know, dating is for people that wish to know each other and ever reach the point of marriage. Because of that you must be serious about it and never look at your own relationship as a simple toy or a game. This is real life so know what you want before you take any steps it really affects the path your relationship is gonna take.

#6 Give them some space

Once in a while everyone needs some space to breath, this doesn't mean they need to be alone all the time, if you're in a relationship then let them enjoy themselves. As long as both of you aren't married then each one of you has separate lives and don't try to spend all the time together because both of you will get bored of each other quite rapidly that way.

Instead of being all the time with your partner, sometimes go out with your friends, have fun alone or just simple do one of your hobbies giving each other some room to breath too, this will keep the relationship fun and enjoyable for both of you.

#7 Cook together

This is the best way to make your relationship stronger and enjoy doing it. I mean, Who doesn't love food? Everyone does and it is pretty fun to do it together, even if you just make a mess you already #1 Made some memories together, #2 Enjoyed the whole thing. If you actually made it right then you also got some food to eat!

#8 Be sensible

This is something quite obvious but some people just don't get it. Being sensible with your partner means that you're gonna understand the situation that they're going through, you're gonna talk to them and try to help them out if they need you. It's basically the person you might marry someday, you never know. Your partner will need you sooner and later. Because of that you always have to be ready to take care of them in any way you can do it.

#9 Don't set dominance

When it comes to you and your partner you need a relationship where both of you make the decisions, even when they're stupid. This way you decide together for example: Where both of you are going, What are both of you gonna eat, etc... It is kind of nice deciding together but don't make fights over it. Try to understand each other as you make a decision. If you decide to be the one who makes every single decision then your partner won't be happy at all and you won't be happy if your partner sets dominance, it will also be really nice when people share the decisions they make regarding their relationship.

#10 Be confident

This one of the most crucial tips that you'll ever need, be confident about yourself, every single person in this world is really attracted to confident people. You just have to be yourself and love yourself for what you are and never ever try to be something you really aren't. Believe in yourself and don't hope for things to workout. Make everything workout along with your partner.

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