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How to make your long distance Relationship last

Updated on February 26, 2019
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Ian has more than 10 years of experience as a writer and has a special interest in relationship and marriage counselling.

As we continue to advance in civilization, long distance relationships are becoming more common.Some times distance comes at a time when it's least expected and becomes a huge challenge in an otherwise healthy relationship.

On the other hand, Some relationships start out as long distance; like those in which people meet over the internet.

Regardless of the circumstances, the fact is that many of these relationships fail to last beyond the second anniversary. This does not mean however that it is impossible to make it work out for you.

Remember that every relationship is unique. That it didn't work out for some one you know, doesn't mean it will be the same for you.

What you can do to sustain your long distance relationship

Try to be trusting and faithful

Trust is a key factor in any relationship. And if it is reciprocated and then complimented with mutual faithfulness, love is bound to flourish.

I have learned through experience that if a long distance relationship is to thrive, the players must understand that it is healthier to trust than to be suspicious. Unless there is outstanding evidence that your partner is being unfaithful (and the truth can never be concealed for long), you will be safer trusting your partner, rather than basing suspicions on minor mishaps such as delayed text replies or unanswered phone calls.

75% of all assumptions and suspicions we make about our partners when they are away from us are usually wrong. They are mostly a result of paranoia.

There is one universal fact to all relationships. “He or she is with you because they like you enough and have chosen to be with you.” If for some reason they stop liking you, there will be little you can do to reverse their feelings, and you will be better off moving on and trying your luck elsewhere.

Therefore stop working yourself up with wild imaginations about what they are doing when they are not on the phone with you. These imaginations will most often be on the negative and will cause unnecessary suspicion.

Suspicion will make you depressed and will turn you into a bitter person, and then you will ruin the time you are supposed to enjoy together on the phone. To be suspicious is a normal human trait aimed at protecting ones feelings and thus cannot be completely avoided. But open communication with your partner should be the first line solution to the problem, rather than creepy investigations and gossip.

Stay in touch regularly

Long distance relationships usually lack the warmth of physical presence and intimacy, which puts a lot of strain on both partners.

Most healthy relationships thrive on affection and companionship. The only way to have this in such a relationship is regular contact through phone calls, e-mail, and other platforms such as social media.

You must create time for quality conversation at least ounce a day. Share experiences, give each other tasks to do. Exchange sweet texts, and avoid fighting over the phone. This will help fill the loneliness gaps.

Make some time to Meet

Even if you're living across the world from each other, it is important to create time for the two of you to meet every ounce in a while. It is the only way to keep hope in the relationship. Physical intimacy is vital for every story of romance and the lack of it in your relationship can lead to temptations that can damage the relationship over time.

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Don't forget to take care of your self

Keep your mind occupied

It is true what they say; “An idle mind is the devils workshop”. In order to avoid all the whining from the baseless suspicions, you need to find activities that will keep your mind occupied and help you spend all the energy that would otherwise turn into unhealthy imaginations.

You may need to avoid being alone for very long hours. So keep all your friends close and have fun with them. This will help subdue the feelings of loneliness.

If you enjoy sports, that is a great starting point. Participate in those activities that bring out the best in you and make you feel valuable and attractive. This will improve your self-esteem and will boost your confidence.

Allow yourself to notice and appreciate the beautiful people out there. Your relationship should never feel like some sort of trap or prison. Flirting is healthy and a very important aspect of human life. It will help you remember that you are still attractive and valuable to many other people. So in case your partner takes you for granted, you are not at loss.

Last but not least, keep a healthy relationship with God ( if you are religious). There is proof beyond reasonable doubt that there is a God out there and that he cares about you, and your relationship with your partner. He in fact is the only one who knows for sure whether your relationship is meant to last for a lifetime.

To make the relationship work, you'll need lots of patience and strong will to resist advances from those attractive suitors around you.


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