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How to plan your marriage appropriately before your wedding ceremony?

Updated on October 24, 2015

Indian wedding ceremony

An Indian wedding ceremony.
An Indian wedding ceremony. | Source

They say marriages are made in heaven, but then it has to be properly executed here on earth. Those of you for the first time got the responsibility to plan or arrange a marriage either for yourself or for any of your family members may find it a bit of a daunting task to perform the same in an orderly way. Normally, wedding planner books may give you some idea on how to plan a wedding but then the people who have some real time experience of planning and executing marriages comes more than handy in such a situation. These experienced people could be one of your family member, your friend or your colleague.

How to plan your marriage appropriately

I had taken the responsibility of some marriages for my near and dear ones including my friends and here is what I am going to share with you my two cents. Those of you are planning to tie the holy knot of marriage this season must have been going through different kinds of emotions. Rightly so! Marriage is a very important occasion in any one's life and a lot of planning, strategies, dreams etc. goes along with it. Hence, it is that much important to have a definite set of well arranged plans in mind before finally one would step into it.

Budgeting is important for a wedding on a budget

Budgeting is important in any marriage and it is one of the first thing that needs to be done. First sit and comfort yourself to formulate a budget for the marriage. Make sure to include in this budget every detail of expenses you need to make. Certain important expenses like the expenses on flowers, music, venue, photography, gifts for guests, transportation etc. should be an integral part of this budget. One big advantage of formulating a good budget is that it would give you an idea on how would you like to arrange the marriage ceremony and how much you can spend on it.

Make a list of the guests

First sit with any senior experienced member of the family and find out the total number of family members and friends. Then add to the list of the guest members who would be attending the marriage. Then use your reasoning and do an analysis to find out the actual number of members attending the marriage. Cut out the names of those members from the list who would fail to attend the marriage party. In this way you would get the final list of members attending the party.

Keep an eye on the daily budget

It is important to keep a close track of your daily budget. Make a separate budget for marriage hall, flowers and decorations, home decors, cars, shopping, catering etc. Tick mark the works which you complete. This would also help you to analyze if your budget is sufficient to do the jobs or you fall deficit on it.

Create an emergency fund

If you save some money after meeting the all-important expenses create an emergency fund. If everything works out fine then this fund would give you a lot of mental peace, confidence and relief on the day of your marriage. You never know when you would be in need of some emergency fund so it is better to have something for the uncertain crisis situation if any.

Choose an proper wedding venue

Considering the number of guests, book a suitable wedding venue. Make sure to book it in advance, at least six months before, and find out about the facilities you get or else you may be in problem later. Find out if it would be an air conditioned or a non air conditioned one. You also need to consider about the parking space of guests cars near the venue or else they would be in problem. Hence, it would be better to find out about the same.

Booking for entertainment

Photography comes under the category of entertainment in marriages, Doesn't it? DJ or live musical bands, caricaturist, magician etc do carry a lot of weight-age. It would be better if you book these before six months of the marriage ceremony to avoid any last moment's confusion. These things would certainly add to the nostalgia and keep the guests in the party on their feet.

Check out the arrangements

Before two to three weeks of marriage make calls to the different agencies whom you contacted before to find out if everything is well arranged for the marriage. If anything is left undone or incomplete make sure to have those done or find an alternative for the same.

Shopping for a wedding ceremony

Doing shopping and hopping around shops gives an entertaining experience, especially if the shopping is related to marriage. But make sure to do this in advance, at least before seven to eight months of marriage. Choosing clothes, tailoring, giving trials and altering consumes a lot of valuable time. Hence, to avoid any confusion at the last moment it is better and safe to manage with these things well before the marriage ceremony.

Bridal makeup from beauty parlor

Take an appointment with a professional if you want to make up from a beauty parlor. Speak about your skin tone, texture, clothing, jewelry, height, hair styling, make up etc. Bridal makeup should not be done in a hurry or else it would look incomplete.

Consult a beauty therapist

Before a few days of marriage it is advisable to follow home beauty treatments. It would be good if you learn about these from a beauty therapist. They are the right person to advise you soundly and guide you professionally to enhance your overall look and beauty.

Conveyance and inviting guests

Keep seven to ten days in hand for inviting the guests. Do a route map about the different routes to find out where to go and how to go. This also includes some conveyance expenses and therefore it is important to add this category in your budget. Food and catering It does not matter how good the arrangement of the marriage is until there is a good arrangement for food, eatables and beverages. Having a good arrangement of food adds a lot of weight-age to the marriage. Sit with your caterers and decide whether to have a buffet table or sit down meal. It would be better to have the arrangement for both the system. Maintain a balance in the food menu and make sure not to compromise with the quality of the foods. Also find out with the caterer about the mode of payment. It could be a preset value or the price of the raw materials on the day of the wedding.

Marriage invitation cards

If you decide for designer wedding cards then think of the type which suits you better. Write the wedding letter properly or may ask someone to do it for you. Try to prepare short, effective and easy language for the same.

Pay attention to personal grooming

Give special attention to your personal grooming. Try two to three times as a trail the shoe you would be wearing on the wedding day. Get a suitable purse for yourself that match perfectly with your wedding dress.

Personal care counts

Personal care definitely counts when you are at such an important occasion of your life. On such an auspicious occasion, countless eyes would be roving around you and gauging you from top to the bottom. At least a week before your marriage you need to be done with waxing, eyebrow pluck, pedicure, manicure and hair and body spa.

Choose a suitable place for honeymoon

Choosing a suitable and romantic place for honeymoon definitely counts for those moments would be the most cherished moments for both of you. Certainly, budget plays a good role here but the real fact is that there are good places available even in low budgets. What you need to do is to carry on a bit of research before finally settling for the final one of your choice. Find and select a suitable place for your honeymoon beforehand. This would avoid last minute confusion about the hotel and ticket booking.

Keep the surprise to yourself

On the day of the wedding if you want to gift something to your most beloved person then keep it as a surprise. Do not disclose it to anyone otherwise the whole charm about it would be lost. Give out a gift that your partner could treasure it in the sweet corner of the memory for long.


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